Kenya Art Dairy 2022; Kenya Art Dairy welcomes every one due to its amazing tourist’s attraction and by 2022 it will be making 12th Anniversary Edition of the Kenya Art Diary. However, it has been 11years since the first edition went to press in 2011 after which the Kenya Art Diary became a series in which emerging and created artists, art centers, galleries, corporate and non-corporate sponsors have sought to be featured.  And over the years, the Diary has much gain not only as a diary but also as a Kenyan contemporary art catalogue and beautiful, timeless means of restraining the selected artworks which have been amazing each edition , Kenya City Tours.

The easy selection of artists in this edition of Kenya Art Diary in recent years was deviated from a careful choice of artworks focused on presenting some of the finest new works by mainly up and coming Kenyan as well as East African artists. It is also well pleased to include works not only for their quality but also for their diversity of historical background.

Kenya Art Dairy 2022
Kenya Art Dairy 2022

Ever since its inception, the Dairy has profiled and as acted as a springboard for nearly 700 different artists of which many of this art site are now considered as professionals whose art is prized both among local and international collectors.

Its 11th edition now reflects the rapid growth of the Kenyan art scene which is also visible in the proliferation of galleries that exhibits African Art. The first edition in Kenya played a great role in promoting the arts thus include pioneering art species such as Paa Ya Paa, Galley Watatu, Nairobi National Museum, African Heritage, One Off, RaMoMa and Kitengela Glass among others. In addition to that, they have been joined by array of art centers, galleries and artists collectives thus including Banana Hill, Go Down, Banana Hill, Circle Art, Masai Mbili ,Red Hill ,Kobo Trust , Soko and Countless others countrywide. These are a clear sign of growth and success in the field of Art in Kenya.

For moment, they are much excited for them to associate with that growth and success of the East African Creative economy as reflected in the increasing appreciation and value of art. Fortunately, this art diary and previous edition have attracted number of tourists who support the creative industry.

 More then, about the 10th Anniversary Edition ‘’2020’’ would never have seen the light of day without the support of Dr. Eric Krystall who continued to be supportive of the Dairy. Other people who have contributed to the Diary’s success over the years, they include ;Lynne Were , Margareta Wa Gacheru ,Anastasia Mirzoants  and KAD’s original designer peta Meyer and Diana Maigwa plus other   master marketer .

 Through establishing it on the online this will help to expand the original Kenya Art Dairy and its mission is to expose and to develop the Kenyan Art Scene as an archive to protect the Art scene’s history.

Kenya Art Dairy 2022
Nairobi National Museum

Kenya Art Diary is quiet a friendly house to visit on Nairobi City Tour because the place displays beautiful African arts through drawing, display of materials as well as unique drown architecture from the professional artists who amplify the creativity and artistry of up. This has established young Kenyans.

A visit here, you will be more excited to see young Kenyans while stretching elderly Masai lady or man with their unique traditional beads, watch out for the unique painted pictures on the walls or the paper.

On your next visit to Kenya Wildlife Safaris, you can take visit to Kenya Art Diary where you will be marveled with unique pictures done by the young Kenyan artists and since the site features with all the artists this attracts number of visitors to visit the place.