How Many Islands Are On Lake Bunyonyi? Lake Bunyonyi is located in the Southwestern region of Uganda and it is situated between two districts such as; Kisoro and Kabale district.  More so, Lake Bunyonyi is close to the boarder of Rwanda and it is famously known to be the deepest Lake in Uganda and in the whole of Africa after Lake Tanganyika, which is found in Tanzania.  Tourists need to note that this lake is considered deepest because it is about 25 kilometers and it is a maximum depth of about 900 meters and 7 kilometers wide. More so, Lake Bunyonyi stands on elevated area of about 1962 meters above the sea level and its terraces measure are noticed to range from 2200 meters to 2471 meters high.

Lake Bunyonyi is considered to be among the best destinations one could ever opt to visit while on a tour in Uganda because it is surrounded with a beautiful nature which a green lush vegetation and the steep hills in the neighborhood cover are always cultivated. More so, Lake Bunyonyi is highly recommended as a good place where a newly wedded couple can ever choose to go while on their honeymoon safari and visiting around this place gives you good opportunities to learn new experiences while your blessed with chances to participate in many interesting activities like; bird watching due to the fact that this area is a home to over 205 bird species, hiking, guided nature walks, mountain biking, community visits, swimming fir those individuals who have good swimming skills, cultural encounters, canoeing which is considered to be most enjoyed and done activity by many visitors touring around Lake Bunyonyi. More so, Lake Bunyonyi is commonly visited because it has around good stunning and beautiful islands, which are about 29 in number and are considered to be among the top tourist attraction around this lake. Therefore, some of the islands include;

Akampene Island.

Akampene Island is one of the most visited Islands because of its history and it is commonly referred to as the “Punishment Island”. This Island is also considered the smallest island compared to the other 29 islands. More so, Akampene Island is famously known because it used to be an island where girls who got pregnant out of the wedlock were always taken to be punished. Therefore, the teenage girls who usually got pregnant before marriages were always neglected there and abandoned there to starve until they die or some of them were always thrown into the waters to drown because girls did not know how to swim. In addition, this was highly considered as a punishment because in their culture, a girl who got pregnant out of wedlock was always seen to bring a lot of shame to their family to the extent that they are always denied bride price.

Kahugye Island.

Kahugye Island is one of the most exciting places to visit while on their adventurous safari as they get opportunities to engage in very many interesting activities like; game drives where they get chances to sight see at very many wildlife species due  to the fact that it is a home to very many wildlife species such as; lions, zebras, antelopes, waterbucks and many others and during this period of time, individuals are always accompanied by the park guides and rangers with an aim to lead them through. More so, they can participate in other activities like; bird watching, guided nature walks, community visits and many others.

How Many Islands Are On Lake Bunyonyi?
Kahugye Island

Bushara Island.

Bushara island is famously known as the best destination to visit while on a Uganda birding safari in the country because it is considered to be one of the best area for birding safaris on Lake Bunyonyi. And touring around the Bushara Island gives individuals most especially those who happen to be bird lovers to sight see the one of the unique bird species which is known as the rare shoebill stork and many others. More so, people who are interested in visiting the Bushara Island are encouraged to carry along their binoculars, which help them to always capture classic and clear views of the bird species even when they are in distant areas.

  However, excluding the above-mentioned islands, there are so many other islands that tourist can visit while touring around Lake Bunyonyi and therefore, some of these other islands include; Bwana Island, Bacuranuka Island and many others. more so, the best time for tourists to visit around Lake Bunyonyi is always best during the dry season between the months of June to September and Mid-December to February when there are less rains and the grass vegetation always tends to be short which enables them to capture beautiful features of all the amazing features.

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