History About The Source Of The Nile: River Nile is famously known as the longest River in the whole world and it is known to have led to a big development in many African countries. This river is about 6,696 kilometers long and drains its basins  which have most of their water flowing into around 11 African countries such as; Uganda,  Tanzania, Rwanda, the Republic of Sudan, South Sudan, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea and Egypt among others. more so, River Nile covers a total surface area of about 3.4 million square kilometers and it has been divided into two main branches which include; the white Nile which is known to be shallower than the Bahr El Arab rift and it also rises up to 9 kilometers and the Sudd which well known to be divided into the central Sudan region and the plateau area. More so, Lake Albert and Lake Victoria, which are found in Uganda, are known as the two main waterways as the headwaters of the white and Blue Niles.

River Nile is considered to be among the top destinations to visit while on a safari in Uganda. In addition, on 3rd August 1858 John Hanning Speke who was well known to be the country’s soldier’s son discovered the source of River Nile. John Speke at his young age of 17 he was enlisted in the East India Company’s army in the year of 1844. However, later in 1854 he decided to join the Captain Richard Burton’s East African expedition. In addition, it is well known that Captain Richard a year before to purposely complete an Arab pilgrimage to Mecca. More so, John Speke and Burton both organized a second Voyage to East Africa in 1856 and Speke later discovered Lake Tanganyika. Hence, after their stay at lake for about three months they fell sick which led to their return to the coast and later in he discovered another waterbody; Lake Victoria which is believed to be Africa’s largest lake and also the source of River Nile. In addition, in 1858, after John Speke accomplished all this, it became hard for Burton to accept that John Speke is the one who discovered all this.

More so, River Nile is seen to be joining Lake Nyanza at the Ripon falls, which is not far away from Jinja, which is considered as one of the most interesting cities in Uganda. In addition, from there, the Nile covers a distance of about 130 kilometers in the North up to Lake Kyoga. And also this River long segment is about 200 kilometers long starting from the lake’s western beaches and then flows in the west before it turns in the North and then to the South in Masindi port. More so, the river moves also moves from the North and East to Karuma falls before it turns around to flow through the west in Murchison falls until the Northern boarders of the lake where it forms a delta. More so, it also flows across the Northern Uganda’s Albert Nile region, History About The Source Of The Nile

The source of the Nile is also famously known as the place where the journey to the Mediterranean sea begins and therefore, for tourists in this place can enjoy the best views of the longest river in the whole world and the largest whitewater lake in Africa and they can also have great opportunities to involve themselves in a variety of exciting and thrilling activities such as;

Things to do at the Source of the Nile.


Kayaking is one of the best ways tourists could ever enjoy and have the best experience while exploring through the Nile’s adventure on the River. Kayaking is when one sits forward while the legs are in front of a double-bladed paddle and pull back and forth on one another in order to select the right direction and this is best when the boat is on a low water levels. More so, during this activity, tourists can have chances to observe the magnificent views of the adjacent fields and communities, sight see exotic birds while they feast on fish and enjoy the breath-taking atmosphere due to the nice weather.

Horseback riding.

Tourists at the source of the Nile who have their best interest in horseback riding always get chances to ride through the rural communities where they get to interact with the local people, and also move across the highways and farms and  get opportunities to sight see a number of bird species as you ride through the Nile.

History About The Source Of The Nile
Horseback Riding in Jinja


Tourists who have their good swimming skills can always go fir swimming to call off their hot long days and most people like it because these waters are known to be free from contagious diseases like; Bilharzia and other dangerous animals like; hippos, crocodiles among others.

More so, there are many so other activities that tourists visiting the source of the Nile can do such as; Bungee jumping, white water rafting, Kayaking, jet boating, quad biking and many others.

Accommodation facilities offered at the Source of the Nile.

Individuals having their safari at the source of the Nile are always offered with a variety of affordable and comfortable accommodation facilities, which range differently from; budget, mid-range and luxury. In addition, these lodging facilities include; the mansion hotel, Al-Nissa hotel, signature hotel apartments, the Royal park hotel, the Nile Anchor castle, The Emirina travel hotel, the living water resort, Jinja base camp, Casa Mia Balidha among others.

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