Facts About The Ugandan Culture : Uganda is one destination in Africa where you will travel and have a good cultural experience because a cultural tour in the country will give you chances to interact with many people from different cultures and who speak different languages. In addition, the unique part about the Uganda cultures is that each culture and tribe has their own way of doing their things. More so, Ugandan citizens are well known to be friendly people who normally offer foreigners with good hospitality. Therefore, tourists while on their tour will have to fall in love with the beautiful nature and the people and individuals are encouraged to use friendly questions such as; how are you in order to match with the local people’s kindness and their customs because this will lead them to be free around you and even open up and crack jokes while they tell you more about their history which helps you to learn more about their culture.  More so, these local people have a tendency of welcoming their visitors with exciting cultural dance performances as a form of entertainment to their guests and tourists are always allowed to join in and dance with them if interested. Visiting this country may give you more opportunities to try in on new stuff such as; trying to speak local languages like; Luganda and Runyakole, eating some of the stable foods of the country like matooke and making new friends.

Brief History about Uganda.

Uganda, which is more recognized as the pearl of Africa due to its many attractions, beautiful nature and good climate, happened to have derived its name from the Buganda kingdom which covers large portion in the country within the Southern region in the country including the Kampala city which is famously known as the capital city of the country. Uganda was first ruled by the United Kingdom in 1894 and later in 1962, it gained its independence, which led it to be more of a safe and peaceful country. More so, this country has an around 56 distinct tribes, which exist, and tourists can always get opportunities to learn more about them.

Cultural experience in Uganda.

A good cultural experience in Uganda is more than just seeing some of the specific places and interacting with individuals, the best way to explore well through the Uganda’s culture is to avoid those organized tours and opt for the self-driven road trips because it will give you chances to have the unexpected and authentic encounters such as; you get to do crazy stuff like eating the roadside meals like a Rolex, get to have a conversation with the boda guys along the road sides who always seem to have intresting stories to tell, try pan fried grasshoppers which are commonly referred to as “Nsenene” in the local language.

Facts About The Ugandan Culture
Facts About The Ugandan Culture

More so, here are some of the facts that tourists should know about Uganda such as; this country has over 30 indigenous different languages that are spoken within the country however; English and Swahili are considered to be the official languages used and some of other other languages include; Luganda where tourists try to learn the basic words like “Webale Nyo” which means thank you, Runyankole, Luo, Lugbara, Teso, Soga and many others. Another funny thing is that Entebbe was considered as the capital city of Uganda before it gained its experience, the equator is noticed running through the country and tourists can always get a chance to see it and take good pictures at the Monument. Lastly, Uganda is known to be a home to the smallest churches in the whole world such as; Bethel church which is constructed in 1996 on top of Biku hill in Nebbi town and its about 2.3 meters wide and 2.4 meters tall.

Cultural Activities in Uganda. 

Exploring through Uganda also blessed tourists with great opportunities to engage into many interesting cultural activities such as;

  • visiting the Ndere capital centre which was established in in 2003 and today it is famously known to be a home to one of the Uganda’s best cultural dance groups who are known as the “the Ndere Troupe” and this centre is also known as where tourists can get to see the unique art, architecture and the artefacts and many more.
  • Visiting Karamoja, which is located in the Northeastern region of Uganda and it, is known to have been given its name after the Karamojong people. In addition, touring around this area gives you chances to walk through the Moroto where you to learn more about the cattle herding and the pastoral life of the local people.
  • Tourists can also opt to embark on the motorcycle tours, which gives you chances to see many attractions in the country.

More so, tourists can do many activities like visiting the Kibale cultural tourism centre which is known to be a home many chimpanzee species, tropical rain forests, many bird species and stunning crater lakes, visit the Boomu womens group, go for golden money trekking, walk through the batwa trail, hike to the sipi falls and many others.

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