Exploring the hidden gems of Lake Edward Uganda’s smallest Lake: Lake Edward is one of the smallest African great lakes, situated in the Albertine rift along the western part of the East African rift sitting at the border between Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo with its Northern shores lying a few kilometers south of the equator. This fascinating lake lies at an altitude of about 3,020 ft and is 77 km long by 40 kilometers wide at its maximum points. Lake Edward covers an area of approximately 2,325 square kilometers, making it the 15th largest lake in Africa. Lake Edward is home to many species of fish, including populations of Bagrus docmak, Oreochromis niloticus, Oreochromis leucostictus and over 50 species of Haplochromis and other Haplochromine species, of which only 25 are formally described including a variety of mammal species like lions, chimpanzees, elephants, crocodile as well as a home to numerous resident and migratory bird species

Exploring the hidden gems of Lake Edward: Amazing things to do.

Sport fishing

Lake Edward offers a peaceful environment for those seeking a calm fishing experience. this fascinating lake is known for its abundant fish population and surprising natural beauty, this astonishing lake is a hidden gem suited in the heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The lake has got its pristine waters and a verdant landscape, offering the perfect setting for a relaxing day of fishing. visitors planning to take part in this thrilling activity in Lake Edward can expect to see a variety of fish species such as perch, trout and bass among others, making it the ideal and rewarding destination for fishing safari in Uganda. The lake is surrounded by impressive trees and majestic mountains, fishers can immerse themselves in nature and appreciate the peaceful and tranquil as they cast their lines into the waters. Tourists are also offered the shooting sounds of the lapping waves and chirping birds providing a calm atmosphere that heightens the fishing experience. During your fishing safari on Lake Edward, you’ll also be granted fascinating views of the surrounding forests and wildlife such as birds and animals among others.

Boat cruises along the Kazinga Channel

Kazinga Channel which I approximately 32km and also the waters of lake Edward offers a wonderful opportunity for boat cruises that one can have while relaxing. one can also be able to view the beautiful lush vegetation and hills around. The beauty of the boat cruise along the Kazinga channel which connects the two lakes is that one is able to view numerous hippopotamus and crocodiles as Kazinga channel is home to numerous hippos and be able to take beautiful pictures. Boat cruises on Lakes Edward cost 30 USD   for foreigners and 30,000 UGX for East African citizens and usually last up to 2 hrs.

Exploring the hidden gems of Lake Edward
Boat Cruise on Kazinga Cahnnel

Wildlife viewing

Lake Edward hosts is home to many bird species which include the Grey Kestrel, Helmeted Guineafowl, African Crake, Black-bellied Bustard, and African Wattled Plover among others. The water edges have diverse animals like elephants, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, and Topis. the lake and its surroundings are also home to various perennials which offers the opportunity to view these fascinating birds in their natural habitat while on a Uganda safari at Lake Edward.


Lake Edward is home to an abundance of wildlife, with over 600 species of birds recorded in the area, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced birder, there are plenty of opportunities to spot some of the local species hare. During your bird watching safari at Lake Edward, you’ll be amazed at a variety of colorful bird species such as the Grey Kestrel, Helmeted Guineafowl, African Crake, Black-bellied Bustard, and African Wattled Plover among others.

Cultural encounter

While on a Uganda Lake Edward tour, one can take a walk to meet the different people who live on the shores of Lake Edward take a chance to get to learn about their ways of living, and the fishing methods they use and get a chance to participate or watch the beautiful tradition dances and songs of these people. There are numerous crafts from which one can buy as a souvenir. The people found on the shores of Lake Edward include; Bakonzo, Bakiga and Banyabindi these groups of people have a rich culture with very many stories and myths behind it making Lake Edward worth a Uganda cultural tour destination.


Lake Edward offers the perfect backdrop for an attractive and unforgettable picnic experience. whether you are seeking to enjoy a relaxed lunch by the water’s shores. Picnicking on lake Edward offers a tranquil retreat where you can connect with nature and create an unforgettable safari experience with your friends or families. Lake Edward offers a charming setting that attracts visitors to relax, rejuvenate as well as enjoy the astonishing views of the surrounding environment.

Hiking /nature walks

Lake Edward is surrounded by pristine forests, rolling hills and sparkling waters offering the ideal hiking safari experience. This fascinating lake has numerous hiking trails that offer opportunities to visitors on a Uganda adventure safari on Lake Edward with amazing opportunities to hike through its lush landscape. One of the most popular hiking trails at lake Edward is the Lakeside Loop, a stunning route that meanders along the shores of the lake, offering magnificent views of the water and its exceptional landscape. You’ll also have a chance to spot some of the wildlife species that dwell or reside along the lake shores such as birds including the water birds and animals among others.

Boating at Lake Edward

Boating at Lake Edward is one of the popular activities offered to visitors while on a Uganda adventure safari at lake Edward, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings while enjoying the beautiful moments while on water. Boating along Lake Edward is one way you can explore the hidden treasures of the lake in a short time. During a boating trip at Lake Edward, you will get a chance to spot some the amazing views including the diverse rich ecosystem of the Queen Elizabeth National Park such as wildlife like buffaloes, leopards, Topi’s bird species like African kingfishers among others, different marine species as well as the colorful bird species among others.

Exploring the hidden gems of Lake Edward: Best time to visit.

The best time to visit Lake Edward in Uganda is during its dry season from December to February. This is when the lake is at its most beautiful, with clear blue waters and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It’s also the best time for wildlife spotting, as the animals come down to the lake to drink