Explore Kagera River : Kagera is one of the top explored rivers ; this river is as well-known as the Alexandra Nile. kagera is located in the East African ends of Uganda and it is forming the upper headwaters of the Nile river, Uganda Tour on your exploration to the kagera river you will be able to learn more about the river and its surroundings.

Achieve global safari has it that this river is bordered by four east African countries hence meaning that one can explore the river from four areas according to ones desired areas of attraction.

River kagera starts from Burundi flowing towards Rwanda and then to Tanzania ending up in Uganda and these are the areas that one can choose to step in for the best exploring of the Kagera River with so much fun and excitement provided by the river for one to safari.

As we all know that most Rwandese don’t not go well with fish this is due to the fact that in the late 1994 river kagera was one of the rivers that used to provide food to the locals and during the wars it is believed that it was then turned into a place where corpse where dumped and these ended up into the waters of lake victoria creating a huge health hazard in the country.

Besides this river kagera as well has got a lot attractions that push thousands of sightsees to have the quickest venture at the center point of the attractions in all the countries and this makes it more fun when one is exploring the river through a well trusted tour company and with Uganda safari have the chance to have the best safari adventures in the areas.

Some of the attractions at river kagera is the Akagera national park which is located in Eastern Rwanda the park is 1200sq kilometers and was simply named after the kegara river.

With a number of other rivers within it and some of these include lake Ihema,lake Mihindi and lake Shakani, besies the additional lakes in the park there several other kinds of mammals in the area and these animals include the big five namely; buffaloes, leopard, elephants, lions and rhinoceros.

After the big five there are other savannah animals such as topi, hippos, crocodiles, warthogs, hyena, waterbuck, mongoose, eland, zebra, serval cats, duiker, impala, black masked civet, reedbuck, bush pigs, giraffe, side-stripped jackal, Klipspringer, Sitatunga Antelopes and roan antelope. Among the primate species include olive baboons, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys and bush-babies.

Once one is done exploring with the animals and seeks another adventurous point then the Akagra national park is one of the best bird havens with over a population of 500 spices of birds in it.

The national park and the river as well can both be reached to by air or road transportation and the safari can easily be arranged for you and your family through Achieve global safari to avoid all the stress and the headaches for the preparations and just sit and relax as you waits in for your safari adventures.

There are other several safari activities to experience at kagera river asides from visiting the akagera national park, these involve;

Cultural Visits: Achieve global safaris easily collaborates with nearby communities to allow tourists go for cultural visits. Allowing tourists learn how the locals take care of their long-horned cows, make beer, prepare food and celebrate important seasons of the year. Visitors can help with milking the cows, taste some of the local food and dance to local/folk music. The visits last for 3 hours at most.

Nature walks: Nature walks around and near the kagera river can be arranged with the help of Achieve global safari guides, trailing through selected sections of the river gives you opportunities to appreciate the great biodiversity.

There are a various activities that visitors can take part in near the river and the countries at large. and such activities can involve visiting the national parks in the different countries and other attractive points and for such cases these can be selected with the help of the best tour guides in the in the country

Explore Kagera River
Explore Kagera River

On the side of the attractions at the river it is proved that the best time to visit the river is with the months that are usually dry but the areas can be visited any time of the year and this comes in with ones choice of visiting experiences.

Achieve global safari will also help you to put up your packing list for the kagera exploration and in this article below are some of the things you may want to consider packing for a memorable experience.

An insect repellent is very important in keeping off insects, long trousers, long-sleeved shirts and clothes of dull color, water bottle, rain coat, and so very many other items according to your duration of stay but those are some of the ones that you may simply need in order to have a memorable venture.

and when it comes to accommodation it is the best experience ever attained with Achieve global safaris be on a sure to have the best accommodation facilities for you to enjoy your safari adventure in the country and these can be arranged for you when early bookings are made through our customer care providers best sure to have the best time at kagera river in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.