East Madi Wildlife Reserve is one of the twelve Uganda Wildlife Reserve that sits in northwestern Uganda region to north of popular Murchison Falls in Amuru districts. More so, the reserve measures about 831 square kilometers of land that inhabits 50 mammals, primates like Blue Monkeys, Colobus monkeys, Vervet monkeys and Red –tail monkeys among others, over 181 bird species and around 374 plant species thus marking it a great destination for nature walk viewing.   The best done activities   to do while on safari here are wildlife viewing, birding among others.

On visit here you can opt to combine a safari to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda’s largest and famous national park located in the same region with the reserve in northwestern direction of Uganda, approximately 4 to 5 hours’ drive from Kampala to main destination. The park is a home to over 76 mammal species ,450 bird species and primates and above all the magnificent Murchison Falls that attracts millions of visitors to come and view the incredible world’s most powerful waterfall among others. However, while on safari to East Madi Wildlife Reserve you can choose to take a visit to Murchison Falls National Park which is just few driving kilometers to access the park.

East Madi Wildlife Reserve
East Madi Wildlife Reserve

Activities to Do in Murchison Falls National Park –East Madi Wildlife Reserve

 Game Viewing

Murchison Falls National Park boosts with three session of game viewing –drive morning, afternoon and night drive the option is yours. Uganda Morning game drive is the most favorite one starts after morning breakfast at 7am or before at 6 am drive to open savannah grassland in different amazing tracking trails such as Victoria, Albert these are the best trails that gives great chances of seeing large number of wildlife such as herds of elephants, buffaloes, hartebeest, Oribis, hippos , savannah birds and a great time to sightsee predators before turning to their hideouts such as lions ,leopards, hyenas among others.

Bird watching

This is one of the impressive activity done in the park since Murchison Falls National Park is a paradise of bird species over 450 bird species which are best spotted on foot  in different stunning walking areas of the park through Budongo forest ,Visitor Nile on boat cruise and bird species to see includes ;long tales nightjar ,silver bird ,martial eagle , black billed barbet , black headed lawing , yellow fronted tinker bird ,Abyssinian ground hornbill , silver bird , Veracious dove ,Long toed plover among others.

 Boat Cruise

On visit to Murchison Falls national park never leave without participating in boat cruise that cruises you near to the world’s most powerful waterfalls, enjoy a great view of devil’s cauldron with memorable photography. While cruising on Nile River you will go jazzing out with a friend or fellow traveler as you enjoy a soft drink with rewardable sights of hippos in the hippo pool, beautiful water birds, viewing of animals along water banks among other

East Madi Wildlife Reserve
Cruising on the nile

Visit the top of the fall

This is the most amazing and adventurous activities after   game drive, you will never forget if you try to participate into the activity. The views are rewarding and memorable.

Chimpanzee tracking

Chimpanzee tracking in Murchison Falls National Park is done in Budongo Forest a home to unique tree Mahogany. However, Chimpanzee tracking starts early in the morning with a briefing about the rules of activity. The activity can take about 3o minutes to 5 hours depending on where the chimpanzee slept the previous nights but as your trekking your able to view noble birds, beautiful butterflies, monkey species and other species. Once they are being allocated an hour is given to the trackers to learn about chimpanzees survive in their nature, watch them how they play, feed, breast feed, fight, hunt, and a great time to enjoy memorable photography.