Cultural sites in Uganda : Uganda has over 50 tribes each with exclusive stimulating features entrenched in its observes which for long has been a pillar in the tourism sector

Blessed with a wide diversity in culture Uganda has got lots of cultural sites that you should honest get to visit and learn more about the cultural heritages of Uganda and that is why Achieve global safaris believes that this would turn out to be the best safari activity in the pearl of africa.

Uganda is a country that is known to carry a lots of amusing events in it and of the record Uganda is the only country in east Africa that has got a lot of cultural sites that provides one with thrilling moments of culture, and in this article Achieve global safaris brings to you some of the places that carry great cultural history in the pearl of Africa.

Cultural sites in Uganda

Kasubi tombs: How can one speak of culture and does not mention the Kasubi tombs, this is the only place where the bodies of the late kings and queens of Buganda are put to rest from Kasubi tombs is a UNESCO world heritage site getting to start your culture tour from this location will cause you to go deep and deeper into the history of Uganda and Buganda kingdom at large.

Kabaka’s Palace: Kabaka’s Palace is also one of the most visited destinations while on a Kampala city tour and this is of a fact that the destination show cases the history, culture, norms and customs of the Buganda kingdom, Also referred to as the Lubiri, this is a great place holds a lot that you may want to discover as you carry out your cultural tour in Uganda

Uganda Museum: The Uganda Museum conserves the history and cultural heritage of the republic of Uganda getting a visit at the Uganda museum will help you understand more about the pearl of Africa through different activities that are displayed out at the destination such as traditional music instruments, archeological remains and so many others.

Cultural sites in Uganda
Namugongo Martyrs shrine

Namugongo martyrs shrine: Namugongo martyrs shrine is yet the most visited destination in on a kampala city tour and when it comes to 3rd june the destination is so filled that one can even fail to find where to step, known to be the most visited religious site in Uganda and East Africa Namugongo martyrs shrine holds history of the Namugongo martyrs shrine Christians who died due to failure to give up their faith and choose death for Christ under the orders by Kabaka Mwanga ii of Buganda and a visit in the destination will  teach you about how great this even was.

Bigo bya mugenyi: located in south western Uganda bigo bya mugenyi is a translated word standing for “Fort of a stranger” and as of the record this was a former home of the Bachwezi demi-gods who left relics and gears such as arrows, spears, shields and for more history one can get to have a visit in the area and learn more about the chwezi dynasty in Uganda.

Karamba tombs: The only place where the former kings of Tooro are buried is the Karamba tombs and incase one needs to understand best of these royal cultural ways the best place is Karamba tombs found in Fort Portal town giving a great significance to the Tooro culture.

Igongo Culture Centre: in case one wishes to understand the culture of the south western people the best place to visit is the Igongo Culture Centre situated in Mbarara district giving you the history, culture, norms and customs of the people of south western Ugandan people.

Karamajong cultural tour: one of the most thrilling tours in the entire of Uganda a karamajong culture tour will teach you how to respect the true meaning of blood hood as you get to spend a day in the karamajong home steads giving you vibes to the indigenous tribe with a unique culture in North Eastern Uganda and also get to Enjoy the traditional dance and some storytelling, you may also purchase their unique local crafts and jewelry.

Batwa community visit: Getting to learn about the  Batwa people who are found in Semuliki National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park means one has to first get to these locations in order to be able to know more about them, these are hunters and gatherers who are known as the forest keepers lot is to be learnt about these people and the only way to discover more about them is through engaging into different activities in their areas  which  include; traditional dance performance, hunting demonstration and many others.

Ndere troupe cultural center: The Ndere center is situated in Ntinda and as you visit this area you have the greater chances to experience the cultural and traditional performances from tribes all over Uganda through music, dance and drama not for getting the great chance also enjoy local food from different ethnic groups of Uganda.

Tooro palace: once you choose to have an explore in Fort Portal in Kabarole district Tooro place should not skip your list of visit as you get to learn more about the culture of the people from that side and also get to  discover more about the Batooro customs on your visit to the palace.

These are the basic areas to visit while on Cultural tour in the republic of Uganda so as to be able to know more of the beauty that lies in the culture and customs of the Bantu speaking people.

Achieve global safaris is so ready to you through this cultural tour in Uganda as you get to know more about the sacred ends of Uganda and its cultural norms at large for each area provides different attention.