Cultural Tours-Uganda

Cultural Tours : Uganda ‘’Pearl of Africa ‘’ is blessed with lots of cultures in its respective regions, through boosting with unique cultures that can unwind your mind on safari to Uganda Culture. You will be able to watch their quite rewarding dance, tell traditional stories as well as narrate their way of life to you. Therefore, the most visited tribes because of their historical outstanding culture are the Batwa pygmies, Karamojong, Acholi and the Ankole. But the Batwa pygmies turn out to be the most visited by the tourists because of being closure to primate destination, the top visited on Uganda safaris that is ‘’Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga. A Batwa trail can accompany your Gorilla trekking safari either in Bwindi or Mgahinga.

Cultural tours involve in a visit to the local communities where you will discover unique and awesome cultures like that of the Batwa pygmies and Karamojong people. The Batwa pygmies are the ancient people that used to live in harmony with mountain gorillas in one of Uganda’s forests before the national parks were gazette. They have lived as hunter gatherers and could feed on diet of fruits with mountain gorillas, in such way that attracts visitors on their Uganda Gorilla Trekking safari. So then, your visit to Bwindi or Mgahinga never leave without reaching these people. Here comes the Karamojong who are found in far Northeast close to untouched Kidepo National Park and a visit to this interesting community combined with a visit to Kidepo Valley national park is just worthy addition experience on your safari. We also offer other cultural tour to different parts of Uganda through visiting different communities each with its unique customs and norms. Other Cultural tours offered in Uganda include; Visits Toro community and Kingdom, the Ankole community and Buganda Community found in central Uganda.

Visitors on Uganda cultural tours have an opportunity to be part of the unique music, dance drama and fork tales. They are also able to learn about the value of people’s norms, participate in cooking of traditional food, enjoy fresh organic meals. You can choose different elements of the cultural experience to be added on your wildlife Safari –Gorilla Safari Itinerary;

Batwa Cultural Trail/Experience

The Batwa people live in southwestern region near Uganda’s Bwindi National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park and these were the people who suddenly evict from the forest and forced to leave their nomadic lifestyle. Now they work as local farmers and some are trained as local guides to the parks. On your visit you will go through Batwa trail where visitors can discover the magic of their old home. Batwa pygmies have got demonstrate hunting techniques such as gathering honey, point out medical plants and known how to make bamboo cups. Visitors who tend to visit the Batwa people are invited to the sacred Ngarama Cave which was once home to the Batwa King same place where the women of the community perform a sorrowful song that provides an echoes around the depths of the dark cave and leaves the guests wondering and move a sense of this fading culture. You will be led by the Batwa guide to their trails where you will also learn how to make fire a bow and arrow, check hives for wild honey, light a fire without matches, harvest plants for food and medicine, learn to prepare their local food have taste and learn about traditions. They are also good in making beautiful handcrafts and traditional culture dance is quite interesting experience.

Cultural Tours
The Batwa People

Banyankole people

These are the people from western region of Uganda, a visit done to this culture will take you tour around the Banyankole shrine learn about their traditional lifestyle, visit their homesteads have time to know their amazing culture and their general practices as well as a visit to women groups.

Visit the Bagishu Culture

This is one of the most privileged culture to visit on Uganda Culture safari, that usually takes place in Eastern region of Uganda each Year and if you lucky you visit in their celebrating seasons, you can be amazed being part of this rewarding Imbula celebration event. It can be a circumcision event amused by the large crowds of people together with youthful groups of initiates from different clans and village donned in colorful outfits, beads, decorated with animals hides and ash-painted faces. Celebration can be done to boys who have turned into men ready to become fathers. The vent can be of over 30,000 people as they escort them in an entourage of their peers holding sticks up in the air, singing their tradition song, go stamping of their feet heard from a mile away while putting on traditionally. It is a rewarding encounter on African planet.

Nomadic Pastoralists.

Visit the Karimajong people, the nomadic pastorists who are cattle grazers, who used to graze their cattle from place to place due to lack of water and pasture for their animals. There population explosion had to settle on farmlands and this has led to decrease on the number of cattle they own. Their culture is still centered around cattle and above all they have interesting lifestyle with unique traditional dances and their story telling is amazing.

Cultural Tours
Karimajong People


In Uganda there are cultivators who are good in cultivating the land and hunting. They are currently centered on gardening as there is very minimal hunting due to population increase and other part of the land is protected for wildlife. However, both the cattle keepers and agriculturalist are used to engage in cattle rearing and cultivation of the land. Visiting their home will give you a great lesson about the different types of crops grown.

Time is now to visit the most hospital and welcoming Uganda on cultural tour –safaris and enjoy the uniqueness of African lifestyle.