Bugungu Wildlife Reserve Uganda: Bugungu Wildlife Reserve is a nature gifted reserve but before it was a controlling hunting area in 1963 and later on was established as wildlife reserve to protect wide range of mammals within the area. It is geographically located between Murchison Falls National Park and the north shore of Lake Mobutu Sese Seko near Lake Albert and the reserve sits at the altitude of about 600 -1,300meter sea level. More so, Bugungu Wildlife Reserve area measures a total of about 52,000 ha and expends to Murchison Falls National Park measuring about 384,000ha and Karuma Wildlife Reserve raises 82,000ha. Since the reserve is located next to Murchison Falls National Park, it features similar attractions to the southern sector of Murchison Falls. More then, Bugungu Wildlife Reserve and Karuma Wildlife Reserve set off a buffer zone the southern boundary of the mighty Murchison Falls national park.

The reserve comprises of dry thicket and open savanna woodland among others which are inhabitant of elephants, chimpanzees, warthog, Uganda kobs, hartebeest, waterbuck and it is more renown as a home for chimpanzee’s species. Bugungu wildlife reserve is also part of Budongo Forest which is well known as some home rich in bird species.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve
Bugungu Wildlife Reserve

Interestingly, a tourists looking for ultimate destination for Wildlife Viewing Tour, take a visit to Bugungu Wildlife Reserve a perfect place to adventure because you will enjoy the entire place yourself.

Uganda is gifted with 10 National Parks and astonishing Wildlife Reserve that were created as buffer zones but are also an impressive Safari destination to go to.

Generally , it was gazzeted in 1968 to protect the savannah grassland and temporary –seasonal wetland at the base of the Great Rift Valley escapement to the western side of the  famous Murchison Falls Nation Park Uganda ‘s largest wild game that covers about 3893 square kilometers in northwestern Uganda region approximately 4 to 5 hours’ drive from Kampala to main destination ,however  ,Bugungu is also part of the  popular Murchison Falls Conservation Area that drives out of the Murchison Falls National Park .In addition ,the Karuma Wildlife Reserve and the Bugungu Wildlife Reserve all are located within Northeastern Uganda though Bugungu Wildlife Reserve lies between Bulisa and Masindi district.

It is magnificently covers an area of 501 square Kilometers of which 193 square miles also shelters a vast range of wildlife reserves.  On visit to Bugungu Game Reserve you will be able to explore animal species including more than 600 Uganda kobs, hippos, over 1200 Oribis, number of Leopards and Lions, herds of Buffaloes, Warthogs, Bushbucks, Rothschild giraffes, Topis, Sitatungas, Elephants, Reedbucks among others. The reserve is also home to primate species such as Olive baboons, Vervet monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, Patas Monkeys, Black and white colobus monkeys, Dik –Dik many more.

This nature reserve is also a great stopping Uganda destination for birding  which are more interesting in morning  hours and some of the notable bird species to spot includes; elusive shoebill stork ,Dark chanting Goshawk ,Black-headed Batis ,White-browed Sparrow Weaver ,Black-bellied Bustards ,Black-billed barbets ,Eastern grey plantain-eater ,Speckle-breasted woodpecker ,Yellow-throated green bull ,Saddle-billed Stork ,Giant Kingfisher ,Swamp Flycatcher ,Black-headed Gonolek  ,Double-toothed barbet ,Abyssian mentioned but few.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve
Bird watching

During your safari in Bugungu Wildlife Reserve expect to participate in different amazing activities such as; Nature walks, Game drives, Bird watching, Camping and picnics, visit to the local communities that surround the wildlife Reserve among others.

Best Time to Visit Bugungu Wildlife Reserve

It is throughout year visited destination because it offers memorable life time experience though most conducted in the dry season of the months of June to Mid-September and December to February. Then the rainy season tends to fall from April to May and Mid October to November thus leads to difficult in car transport because roads can be in poor conditions muddy and slippery. It’s the reason why tourists are advised to use 4WD vehicles that can maneuver through the slippery roads.

Lastly, a visit to Bugungu Wildlife Reserve make sure take a visit to Murchison Falls Conservation Area since it is a home to the enormous Murchison Falls National Park as well as the Karuma Wildlife Reserve. You won’t be disappointed because it has got amazing bucket list of activities and addition to that a home to wide range of attractions, mammals species like the Oribis, Hippo, Sitatuga, Waterbucks, Bushbucks, Reedbucks and a paradise of beautiful bird species over 250 species to encounter here. On safari to Bugungu Wildlife Reserve you can opt to combine with a visit to its next famous Murchison Falls National Park and be able to have great sights of ‘’Murchison Falls ‘’ the world’s most powerful waterfalls and the view are more clear at the top of the falls, do chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest which is part of Murchison game park, Sport fishing, Boat cruise on the Victoria Nile among others.