Bird watching safaris in Rwanda: The international locations in East Africa are sacred with unbelievable events for birding. In the case of Rwanda or maybe Uganda, bird looking can begin as quickly as you return back out of the airport or maybe with inside the massive cities.

Birding in Rwanda is suitable for the ones who’ve sufficient time to task into the nation-state or go to the primary countrywide parks. You can be astonished with the aid of using the birding events whilst travelling Rwanda.

thus an exclusive venture on a birding safari in Rwanda you find it so stunning to view these free beings in their true form of nature as you  also enjoy other areas in Rwanda.

Top birding spots in Rwanda

Lake Nyarutarama: with a lot of different birds to sight and to see on the lake get to explore the lake nyarutarama while on your Rwanda bird safari.

Nyabarongo wetland: have a visit at nyabarongo to get the chance of viewing the spot little egrets, spur winged geese, squacco turaco and yellow billed stork.

Mount Kigali: this is also an excellent spot for birding in Rwanda. Here you can see red chested cuckoos, African paradise and southern black flycatchers among many others.

Nyungwe National Park: There are over 300 species of birds found on the forest, and this forest is the largest forest in Rwanda and renders great birding opportunities.

Bigugu Mountain: Bigugu Mountain is one of the best spots for observing the birds as they feed on the tree canopies and as they fly into the air and as well enjoying their open space.

Akagera National Park:  Akagera National Park is joined up by so very many different types of scenery that honestly provides a visitor with number fascinations that explode the head, birding sports within the park include around Lake Ihema, its islands, marshes and wetlands

Gishwati-Mukura National Park: This is Rwanda`s most recent country wide park and is discovered with inside the Northwestern a part of Rwanda. Even earlier than it have become a country wide park, Gishwati turned into called Rwanda`s Birding locations in Rwanda top spot for birding with 395 species on offer. Some of them encompass the Martial Eagle, Purple-breasted Sunbirds, Red-throated Alethe, Regal Sunbirds, Ruwenzori Batis, Ruwenzori Turaco, Strange Weaver, Stripe-breasted Tit and the Grey Crowned Crane.

Bird watching safaris in Rwanda
Bird watching safaris in Rwanda

Lake Kivu:  the Lake is a top birding destination in its own right the natural beauty of the lake and its islands attract White-breasted Cormorants and Pied Kingfishers. Thousands of migratory birds can be sighted feeding round the lake during certain months of the year together with the residents.

Other safari activities to do in Rwanda

After having an exclusive birding safari in Rwanda get the chance to try out other several activities that can be arranged for you in addition to your list of safari

In this part of the article we bring to you some of the other great safari activities that you can top up on your bird watching safari and you get to have some of the most electrifying moments of your safari in Rwanda.

Mamba Club in Kigali: Mamba Club is a very popular recreation center for an evening of fun while mingling with the middle and upper class of Kigali. They organize different recreational activities like swimming, football, volleyball, billiards and Ping-pong. Mamba Club has the city’s only bowling alley.

Gorilla Guardians Village: Formerly Known because the Ibyiwacu Cultural Village, the Centre changed into based with the aid of using Edwin Sabuhoro (a former warden on the Volcanoes National Park) to show off all this is wonderful approximately the Kinyarwanda Culture even as additionally supplying employment for ex-poachers. Visitors are first taken for excursion of the Centre earlier than settling down to observe cultural dances. While on the Gorilla Guardians village, traffic also can discover ways to put together nearby meals or hunt just like the Batwa people. You can be invited to put on conventional royal garments and revel in what it changed into want to be a cultural leader.

 Lake Burera and Ruhondo: These stunning dual lakes are located across the Volcanoes National Park. Most travelers go to the lake with inside the afternoon/nighttime hours and after finishing sports with inside the park like gorilla trekking. The lush panorama is domestic to birds and an outstanding plant collection, Bird watching safaris in Rwanda

Local Food: Rwandan meals might not be pinnacle of anyone`s listing of key points of interest withinside the usa however nevertheless really well worth noting. The famous nearby delicacies is a aggregate of the excellent that East Africa has to offer. Apart from the sparkling cow milk already mentioned earlier, you could attempt grilled meat, Isombe, somboza, akabanga and a number of nearby brochettes. Urwagwa is a famous form of banana beer which the locals take after paintings or on weekends

Climbing Mount Bisoke: Mount Bisoke isn`t the tallest volcano in Rwanda. What makes it the maximum famous volcano is that its miles and less complicated hike? It takes best at some point to get to the summit and back. Getting to the summit rewards hikers with a possibility to discover a massive crater and additionally stare upon the opposite Virunga volcanoes and the volcanoes National Park. If you’re lucky, you may come upon a gorilla or golden monkey organization as you climb the decrease slopes of the mountain

Helicopter Tour: Helicopter excursions in Kigali are organized via way of means of Akagera aviation for people who need to get an aerial view of Kigali and the countryside. Regardless of which direction you pick out to take, anticipate to be rewarded with lovely perspectives of Rwanda`s hills and the majestic Virunga volcanoes.