Best Season to Visit Uganda National Parks

Best Season to Visit Uganda National Parks is that time of the year when it is suitable for one to explore the national parks in Uganda being a time when wildlife is in abundance and easy to access. Uganda the pearl of Africa lies along the equator and has the best climatic conditions of 2 seasons throughout the year that is the rainy/ wet season and the dry season which all favors the visitors on a Uganda safari. Uganda the pearl of Africa has several attractions ranging from the Kampala city, beautiful vegetation filled with rain forests, bamboo trees, savanna grassland, the people, the wildlife and many more that attract several visitors from all over the world to come to Uganda as tourists and researchers.  However the best time to visit Uganda’s National Parks is in the dry season when the parks are slightly dry and the blush is a bit minimal for easy viewing of the wildlife in the park and easy penetration during nature walks and trekking. 

The Best Season to Visit Uganda National Parks is when the parks are dry is during the months of December, January, February, June, July, and August when visitors are on a sure deal of viewing the parks at ease though in rainy forests it can rain at any time after sunshine. However, during this period, there are several visitors on safari and call it the high season due to the fact that the parks are very clear for picnic with less thick blush, the lodges are in very good conditions, the roads are dry and clear though the roads inside the parks tend to be rough and a bit muddy even after little rainfall but in this season expect the sunshine immediately after rain.

  • During this season (Best Season to Visit Uganda National Parks), visitors enjoy the boat cruise and several mammals gather around the water bodies to quench their thirst.  In this case, the best parks to be visited for the boat cruise include Queen Elizabeth National park with a cruise on the Kazinga channel, Murchison falls National Park and the Nile for the white water rafting and boat cruise.
  • Gorilla trekking is yet another important activity to be enjoyed during this season as the forest is less thick for easy viewing and penetration during the trek. So here visitors interested in gorilla trekking can Visit Bwindi impenetrable national park for the best experience alongside meeting the Batwa people who were forest dwellers before they were evacuated from their. These people exit the visitors with their traditional performances and storytelling.  However, visitors who need a less congested place can visit Mgahinga Gorilla National park for Nyakagezi gorilla family trekking alongside the Batwa trail. 
  • There is also Chimpanzee trekking. This can be best done in Kibale Forest National park, in Kyambura Gorge, Karinzu forest and Toro- Semliki wild reserve.
  • Birders enjoy this season as the leaves of the trees are reduced for easy bird viewing and the best park for birders is Kidepo valley national park with an opportunity to visit the minority community in Uganda that is the IK-people that reside in Morungole mountains near Kidepo valley national park and the Karamojong people.
  • This is the best season for most activities in all the parks without forgetting the nature walks, the game drives, bicycle tours, horseback riding, among others 

However, during this season ( Best Season to Visit Uganda National Parks ), visitors are encouraged to book all trekking permits in the time since there is always a high demand for these permits. 

High seasons also cover the months of June and September though during this period, the parks are less congested with some little rainfall.

There is also the low season in the months of September, October and November which is known as the rainy season but with average rainfall and some sunshine. The parks have fresh and green vegetation for wildlife to feast on but slightly not conducive for the visitors on a safari.

From the months of March to May ( peak of rainy season ), Uganda receives very heavy rains though on rare occasions  it shines in the evenings the rain interrupts several activities and the roads in the park become really muddy and slippery thus making vehicles to get stuck along the way. However, during this season, the vegetation is really fresh and green for wildlife to feast on thus being the best time for the game drive to sight several herbivores as the feed on the fresh blush with a lot of newborn mammals.  The only bad thing about this season is that several lodges tend to close and all the trails through the forests become muddy and slippery making it hard for trekkers and hikers.

What you need to know before booking a Uganda safari!!

  • Remember to book your trip with a tour operator that is registered under the Association of Uganda Tour Operators to avoid conmen that will eat your money and fail to do up to your expectations
  • Always book your permits in time either directly from Uganda Wildlife Authority or through a register tour operator like Achieve Global Safaris that can help in organizing the entire safari. These permits include gorilla trekking permits currently at $600 per permit in Bwindi and Mgahinga national park and chimpanzee trekking permit currently $150 in Kibale forest National Park and many more permits.
  • Keep in mind that these permits aren’t refundable in case you miss your safari so you need to plan in advance and be sure of what exactly you need for your safari.
  • Keep in touch with your tour consultant until the last minute of your trip and be free to ask anything that you need to know
  • While on safari, be time conscious and be at the right place at the right time as most of the activities such trekking, game drives, boat cruise, and Hiking as always shown on your Itinerary.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations provided by the rangers while in the park to avoid trouble and accidents since they know well all the behaviors of several mammals that inhabit the parks better than you do.
Best Season to Visit Uganda National Parks
Gorilla tours are one of the best Uganda Tours

All in all, visitors are allowed to visit Uganda all year round though the Best Season to Visit Uganda National Parks is during the dry seasons where visitors can camp easily, trek through different trails easily without the interruptions of the rains. So it’s better for visitors to obtain the appropriate information about the nature of the parks during both seasons to make the right bookings in time and enjoy their safaris.