Bakers Safari Lodge is a luxury lodge that is situated within Murchison falls national park, which is located in the Northeastern region of Uganda in Masindi district and it, is famously known as the largest national park in the country compared to all other game parks. Bakers safari lodge is considered to be among the best lodges in the park and due to the fact that it is ranged as a luxury safari lodge, it has around 10 spacious suites which are all well designed and constructed with natural materials such as; stones and the given a raised wooden floor which helps the temperature in the rooms to keep cool even when the weather is hot. More so, the rooms at this safari lodge contain en-suite bathrooms which have both cold and warm showers, flushing toilets with free toiletries and clean big towels,  mosquito nets, solar lighting, charging points in the corners, king sized beds, television where tourists watch news in order to keep undated in what is going on in the country despite of the fact they are on a vacation and a private Veranda where guests sit to chill and relax off their stress as they capture beautiful classic views of the national park.

Reasons why many tourists prefer Bakers Lodge.

  • Bakers Safari lodge offers its guests who opt to have their stay with good services and this attracts many people such as; free parking for those visitors who come driving their own cars, free breakfast which is Usually served within the rooms, free WI-FI which helps visitors to keep clear communication with their people back at home, a 24 hour room service which helps guests to be attended to at any time they need to be attended to, a 24 hour tight security that is always available hence emphasizing the point of how the safety for their guests is key and ironing and laundry services.
  • Baker’s safari lodge has abundant facilities that is always offers to its guests in order to make them to be comfortable during their stay. Therefore, some of these facilities include; a good restaurant which has well experienced chefs and well trained waiters who serve the guests with delicious meals which are always either local or international hence giving individuals a chance to choose what to eat according to what they prefer, a swimming pool where guests with good swimming skills can always go to swim and cool off their hot long day, business center which is always open from to evening so that guests who happen to be business people can keep their work operating despite the fact of them being on a vacation, there are also conference rooms where guests can always hold their business meeting and workshops, fitness and health centre for example a well-equipped gym where people always go to exercise in order to keep their bodies fit, a gift shop where they buy some essentials like; drinking water and some crafts and jewelry to take for their people back at home and many others.
  • Bakers safari lodge is also commonly visited and liked by many because it is easily accessed and it is located on the South Bank of the Nile which is famously known to be flowing through the Murchison Falls national park which also gives tourists chances to sight see animals like; hippos within the water.

    Bakers Safari Lodge
    Bakers Safari Lodge
  • For individuals who decide to have their stay at Bakers safari lodge are blessed with great opportunities to engage in interesting activities like; game drives, guided nature walks, chimpanzee trekking which is best done within Budongo forest, hiking to the top of the Murchison falls, boat cruise which are best conducted on the River Nile where visitors enjoy the panoramic views of the beautiful sunrise and sunset, wildlife game viewing where they are able to sight see many unique animal species such as; buffalos, antelopes, giraffes, lions, Uganda kob, elephants, leopards and they can visit the neighbouring communities, cultural encounters and many others.
  • More so, many individuals like Bakers safari lodge because it has the best offers according to the transport means whereby they always pick up and drop off their guests from the airstrips to and take them to their accommodation facilities.
  • Individuals prefer to stay at Bakers safari lodge because it has double rooms, family rooms, which accommodate both adults and around two children and twin rooms.
  • Lastly, Bakers safari lodge is located just a few kilometers from the park and it takes individuals about only 305 kilometers and around 5 hours to from Kampala city to the lodge. More so, for tourists who opt use air transport means by booking their flights from Entebbe International airport to access the park, it only takes them about 2 hours.

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