Aruu Falls safari adventure; Aruu falls is one of the remarkable tourist attraction, sited along the Gulu highway in Pader district in northern part of Uganda.  More so, this falls are roughly 386 kilometers away from Kampala Uganda’s capital and also takes about 47 kilometers from Gulu and 57 kilometers from Kitgum. Traveling journey from Kampala city while using the Gulu high way is about 5 to 6 hours’ drive.

Furthermore, the falls lies in the Acholi- Longo region and the local that are surrounding the waterfalls are mainly Langi or Acholi’s.  This two tribalism are known as farmers and on your visit here, be sure to find farms in the communities surrounded by the waterfalls.

Despite the fact, Aruu falls are quite beautiful falls with gainful view of flowing water that flows downstream on jagged rocks that make the falls extremely rewarding to look at.  These waterfalls are made up of lots of streams that flow with a roaring sound and stirring scene that is just unmatchable.

There are different streams of the falls that flows from seven rocks which are; Ryanga, Awilo Yaa, Akweyo, Wang Okiye, Lacee, Okello Gem, Lanya Kweyo.

These seven rocks are jagged with a step like formation that facilitates the seamless flow of the water downstream from River Agago. Aruu falls might not be such a famous place to visit but quite adventurous and exciting. In fact, the falls are one of Uganda’s hidden treasures –attractions one much visit through opting to do a combined safari to northern game parks on your Uganda Wildlife Safaris such as; A visit to Murchison Falls National Park, Pian Upe wildlife reserve , Kidepo Valley National Park among others. The place is beautiful to attract people that visit the falls who can even do hiking adventure through jagged rocks to get to the point of the falls.

More then, Aruu waterfalls are located within a green forest and a rocky area so to reach them you need take a rock climbing or hiking on to get to there. The moment you get to the falls, there are lot of fabulous activities you can do on your visit as listed below;

Waterfall viewing

 This is the main point that bring tourists here, waterfall viewing stands at strategic point of the waterfalls take in the beauty, enjoy the sweet sounds and rewarding view of flow of the falls and you can hike the rock downstream. These falls provides uniqueness to people who visits them.


The area around the waterfalls is made up of rocks thus offering untouched points for picnics you can opt to enjoy the cool breeze of the falls and you can enjoy your picnic lunch on one of the picnic rocks around the waterfalls. While on visit, you can also enjoy panoramic views of the Acholi-Lango region, Aruu Falls Safari Adventure.

Nature and Community Walks

On visit to Aruu falls you can engage in guided nature and community walks where you can be able to visit the surrounding such as the communities that live around the falls, meet up with local people interact with them through storytelling, entertains you with their amazing tradition dance and songs, you can also visit the local market for fresh food products and crafted materials made by the locals in the area.  Then the nature walk will take you through forested areas where you will be able to view various species such as; birds, butterflies and other forest creatures.

Rocking Climbing

These rocks seem to be slippery because of the flowing water, rock climbing yet the flowing water is one of the most exciting adventure at these falls. Still one of the activity that offers you great encounter around the area. However, rock climbing is only done in the dry season when the rocks are not as slippery.

Bird Watching

While on visit at the falls, there are chances of viewing numerous bird species that roam around and birds to see include African wagtail, Eastern grey plantain eater, Egyptian goose, hornbills, Stone chat birds among others.

Aruu Falls Safari Adventure
Stone chat bird in Aruu


 Down its grounds there is amazing pool where its waters collect from, the waters are clean and free from bilharzia, you can opt to swim with caution because of the rocky nature of the area. Note, you must be an experienced swimmer for you to swim in that area.

Feature Photography

It’s good to visit the falls on Uganda Tours with clear digital photography which can take nice pictures and endeavor to carry video shooting that you can use to video take these unique waterfalls and its scenic background that gives a remarkable future photo as well as nature backgrounds.