Which Type Of Lake Is Lake Manyara? Lake Manyara is a soda or alkaline lake, which was formed due to the volcanic activity, which occurred, and the local people named it after the tree species “Emanyara”. Lake Manyara covers a total surface area of about 230 square kilometers hence covering two thirds of the park and it is considered as the main source of water found in the park and it acts as a good natural habitat to many wildlife species such as; hippos, crocodiles among others and touring around this lake gives you chances to sight see at many bird species and see large flocks of flamingos. In addition, this lake is unique in some ways for example; its waters tend to turn more of blackish during the dry season as the water evaporates and the salt accumulates. More so, tourists exploring around this lake get to go for activities like fishing and boat cruises, which are best done during the rainy season.

Lake Manyara is found within Lake Manyara National park which is located in Arusha region in the Northern part of Tanzania and it is among the smallest national parks in the country which covers a total surface area of about 330 square kilometers and which was named after the soda lake and got officially established as a national in 1960 hence considering it to be the second oldest national park in Tanzania after Serengeti national park. more so, this national park is famously known for hosting tree climbing lions  and seen as a birders paradise which harbours over 400 bird species and has a diverse range of beautiful landscapes which consist of dense acacia woodlands, marsh lands, steep rocky slopes among others. In addition, touring around a national park tourists get opportunities to engage into several activities like; game drives, bird watching, Treetop walks, boat cruises, visiting the stunning hot springs and many others.

Attractions in Lake Manyara National park.

Apart from Lake Manyara, which is considered as the top attraction in this park, there are, more other attractions that tourists can see while they tour around the park and some of these include the following below;


Lake Manyara National park is seen as a permanent resident for a large population of wildlife species because it is surrounded with equatorial forests, woodlands, mountain slopes, lake and other several types of savannah, which all act as good natural habitats to the species. In addition, some of these animals include; tree climbing lions, elephants, zebras, leopards, giraffes, impalas, zebras, wildebeests, antelopes, baboons, Rhinos and many others.


Lake Manyara national park is also seen a good birding spot which harbours over 400 bird species which are of different types such as; terrestrial birds and aquatic birds, migratory birds among others. In addition, these birds include; flamingos, silvery checked hornbill, black heron, goliath heron, little bee-eater, superb starling, blacksmith lapwing white-backed duck, spur winged goose, common teal, common ostrich and many others.

Which Type Of Lake Is Lake Manyara?
silvery checked hornbill

Hot springs.

The Hot springs are found in the southern part of the park and the unique thing about them is that they produce heated group water, which results into Geothermal. More so, this water boils at an average temperature of around 60 degrees celsious and tourists always boil eggs from this water, which is always exciting. In addition, the hot spring are situated between the rift valley escarpments, which stand at an elevated area of about 1600 meters above the sea level.

How to get to Lake Manyara National park.

Lake Manyara national park can be accessed while using either road transport or air transport. In addition, for individuals who choose to use the road transport can take a drive from Arusha to the northern gate of the park, which takes about a distance of about 126 kilometers, and go for about 1-2 hours while going through the beautiful escarpments of the country. alternatively tourists can also opt to use the air transport means where they will need to book their flights from Kilimanjaro international airport which is located in about 46 kilometers from Arusha town and this flight will only take about 40 minutes as it leads one to Lake Manyara Airport then take a short drive to the park headquarters.

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