Where is the best place to go for a safari holiday? Serengeti National Park –Tanzania is an icon of Africa and one of the best safari destination in the world for adventuring the Big 5 among other, sited in northern Tanzania. The park is listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site marking it one of the oldest ecosystems on earth.

However, Serengeti National Park ranks has a largest national park in northern Tanzania that enlarges over 14,763 square kilometers, located in eastern Mara region and north east portion of Simiyu Region and land contain over 15,000 hectares of virgin savanna.

More so, Serengeti is worldly renown as the largest annual animal migration with over 1.5 million blue wildebeest and around 250,000 zebras as well as the largest lion population in Africa. Although the park is under threat from deforestation and population growth.

Originally, the park was established in 1951 under governing body of Tanzania National Parks Authority.


Serengeti National Park in 2005 formed a Lion Conservation Unit together with Masai Mara National Park, currently the park hosts more than 3,000 lions in this ecosystem, the same which increases population density of African leopard and African bush elephant herds, about 3,500 spotted hyenas though there was decline in African buffalo population between 1976 and 1196 this was due to poaching.

Where is The Best Place to Go for A Safari Holiday?
Buffalos in Serengeti

Other mammal species to explore in the park includes aardwolf, African wild cat, common genet zorilla, African stripe weasel ,bat-eared fox ,ground pangolin ,crested porcupine ,African civet , 3 species of hyraxes and cape hare ,two species of jackals ,honey badger ,striped hyena ,African golden wolf ,caracal ,serval among others. Primates like yellow and olive baboons, patas monkeys and vervet monkeys ,black and white colobus monkeys  among others.


The park is not only known to be home to diversity of animals species but also a great location for birders with over 500 bird species such as spotted thick-knees, pink-backed pelicans ,white stork ,crowned cranes ,sacred ibis ,Southern  ground hornbill ,blacksmith lapwing ,African collared dove ,Grey-breasted spur fowl ,African fish eagles ,Yellow-billed stork , lesser flamingo among others.

What is so famous in Serengeti national park? The great migration of wildebeest which is known as world’s longest overland migration. This migration starts early March of the dry season with roughly millions of wildebeest and over 250,000 zebras start to migrate while heading north towards Maasai Mara in Kenya. Although, the common season of the visited events starts from June to October when millions of wildebeest can be seen cross Mara River  to fresh green pasture ,it’s annually done event .

What is so special about Serengeti National Park?

The most special thing about Serengeti National Park its largest population of herds of plain animals especially wildebeest, zebras, gazelles and is the only place in Africa where large land animal migrations still take place. Definitely, Serengeti is an international tourist attraction which was added to UNESCO World Heritage list since 1981.

More so, the park sounds one of the most sought after tourists stopping destination in the worldwide. This is because its home to a large range of wildlife fauna. It also ranks one of the ten natural wonders of the world –the great migration wildebeest event.

How many days do you need in Serengeti National Park?

Minimum of Four days; Serengeti National Park being a huge game park we would recommend visitors to take minimum four days   in order to be able to explore it with its wildlife. Though its large in size, you don’t need to spend time driving around looking for the Big five. In those four days you can be able to experience different weather and variety of safari experience.

Where do you fly to get to Serengeti?

Serengeti National park can be reached by air through Kilimanjaro International Airport ‘’JRO’’ which sits between the town of Moshi and Arusha. This Airport is positioned about 200 miles from park’s southern entrance.

What is the best time to visit Serengeti?

The best time to visit Serengeti National Park are from January to February or June through September, although you should plan your safari trip around the Great Migration movements.

Below are ultimate activities to do in Serengeti National park as high lightened;

Game drive viewing

The park gives a great encounter to the Lion King experience in real life. You can explore Zazus flying around or sounders of Pumbaa galloping. Travelers who are fan of birds or an animal’s lover, Serengeti is worth it all.  The best way to encounter them is to take through a game drive, is as much as one would like to cover the park in its entirety. All you need is to book the tour which fits your preferences. It is very advisable to choose the correct guide and company, who can arrange for you a rewarding Serengeti experience.

Where is The Best Place to Go for A Safari Holiday?
Game Viewing in Serengeti

A Hot Air Balloon Safari Over the Serengeti

This is a rewarding activity where a visitor has to take a great aerial view of Serengeti’s untouched wilderness with huge numbers of mammals. This is an activity one shouldn’t miss to experience in life to enjoy a safari from the sky which is a one kind experience that gives you a birds-eye view of Serengeti. We recommend you to use a local tour operator on ground who knows what is really happen.

The Great Migration Tour

 The great migration is considered one of most done nature wondrous spectacles in life, it can be time to watch diversity of mammals cross over to Mara River in search of food and greener pasture animals like Millions of wildebeest, zebras and Gazelles. We see it annually here millions of visitor’s flock to the Serengeti to witness this ideal breathtaking scene.

Please note, Migration is not one-day event it takes place over while. On your visit to witness the chances of seeing the migration. You need to tell your tour operator to thoughtfully plan to optimize your safari arrangements.

The best way of viewing the world’s nature event is to take epic move through Aerial view, take aerial view in Balloon and be able to watch the migration happen right below you.

Walking Safari –Serengeti

Taking nature walk in the park is the only great way to explore the beauty of scenery of Serengeti it is adventurous.

If you are good in camping, you can explore the surroundings around this. All you need is to go with a guide who will lead you to interesting trails with in the park thus the best ways to feel one with nature.

Get A History Lesson at Olduvai Gorge

Along your visit to Serengeti national park you can take a great discover for a history lesson about the Evolution. It is located towards the south of Serengeti and while here it gives spectacular view of Ngoro Ngoro crater.

Experience the wildlife at Night in A lodge or Tent

 This is awesome encounter you enjoying wildlife animals right from chair at the lodge or tent. If you’re lucky enough, you may awake to the sight of wild animal right your doorstep. Serengeti it’s all you would need to visit tp enjoy life while in wilderness.

Visit The Bologonja Springs

Definitely a great place of visit because of being one of the hidden gems of the Serengeti where you can lucky to spot a lot of attraction like flora and fauna surrounding them and such wildlife to see include giraffes, elephants and antelopes as well as a good place for birding.

Where is The Best Place to Go for A Safari Holiday?
Bologonja Springs

Visit the Grummet River

This is a nature feature found in Serengeti basically good for nature lovers, where you can be able to see crocodiles and birds.

Go view wildlife at Seronera River Valley

Around here you can be able to view range of unique flora and fauna, though the place attracts a lot of herbivores like gazelles, giraffes and other wildlife. This place is located in the central Serengeti region. Still number of prey, predators can be seen around.

Visit the Retina Hippo Pool

Tanzania is one of the great destination to inhabits with abundance of hippos, despite known as Hippo pool which houses lots of crocodiles.

Get Started planning now! To reach to the endless plains of Serengeti National Park-Tanzania.