When To Visit Serengeti National Park : Serengeti National park is located in the Northern region in Tanzania covering a total surface area of about 5,700 square kilometers and it is considered to be among the top tourist destinations in the country and touring around this game park gives you opportunities to sight see many wildlife species due to the fact it is surrounded with cool vegetation which consists of swamps, lakes and rivers, mountains, dense forests, tropical forests which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species and large population of bird species.  and tourists who plan on travelling to Serengeti national park can always do so at any time of the year  however, is the time that is considered best as to when tourists should visit;

Dry Season.

The dry season is considered the best time for tourists to visit in Serengeti national park while on their safari and this is between months of June to October. therefore, this is known to be best period of time because it is during this period when less rainfalls are received which gives tourists chances to continue with their schedules as plains despite during the rainy season when individuals will not be able to do some activities like; hiking, guided nature walks and boat cruise during the rain. More so, within this season the grass vegetation in the  is always short which enables tourists to capture classic views of the wildlife species which are always moving around different areas of the park searching for food unlike during the rainy season, when these species are hard to be seen due to the fact that they be in their hidings.  In addition, the dry season, is the best time for bird loves to travel because they will get to sight see many bird species in the sky and in other areas, some are spotted many around the waters among others.

 The Great Wildebeest Migration.

Serengeti National Park offers extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the year – you just need to know when to go where to admire one of nature’s last remaining true spectacles: the Great Migration is considered to be among the top tourist attractions within this park is during the rainy season when the herd in Southern Serengeti, while the Western Corridor and Northern Serengeti are the best places to spend the summer and autumn months. It is worth bearing in mind that – also in this part of the world – nature will be its unpredictable self. Hence, chance plays a big part in witnessing the iconic river crossing when two million animals cross a river with rapids jostling their bodies and crocs snapping at their hooves. That being said, when choosing the right part of the Serengeti in the right period, large herds are usually easily spotted and there is a fair chance of seeing a spectacular migration movement. Read more about the Great Migration.

However, apart from the Wildebeest migration, there is so much that this national park has to offer for example; exploring around this national park blesses tourists with great opportunities to sight see so many wildlife species such as; Golden-maned lions which are commonly spotted sunbathing on a rock, an elusive leopard chilling out on a branch of an acacia tree and a cheetah chasing a gazelle at full speed on the never-ending sunburnt plains – to name just a few of the Serengeti’s magical beasts.

 More so, there are some powerful arguments in favour of avoiding the Great Migration. First, areas where the Great Migration can be seen become busy with fellow travelers, something that can be bothersome in terms of your Serengeti safari experience. Second, most predatory species (but also most other wildlife species except zebra and wildebeest) are territorial and do not wander too far from their territories, so there is no need to follow the crowds. Moreover, most Serengeti safari camps and lodges offer substantially lower rates (often referred to as ‘green season’ rates) in April and May. Last, outside peak periods the Serengeti (but also the other national parks, including the Ngorongoro Crater Area) is far less crowded, whilst wildlife-viewing options are still superb.

When To Visit Serengeti National Park
Serengeti National Park

 More so, tourists are encouraged to avoid the crowds, or rather to experience Serengeti National Park as it should be experienced, we recommend splitting your safari itinerary in two: one portion of your trip in the heart of the migration action (and yes, you will experience heavier vehicle traffic), and the other portion in a remote, out-of-season, location. Options for the latter would be the Western Corridor between August and October, or the Mara Serengeti area between November and June. You will encounter far lower visitor numbers in these areas whereas the quality of wildlife viewing is almost or just as good as in the Seronera area. It is not at all impossible spending time in the Serengeti (even during peak season) seeing no (or all right, barely) other visitors.

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