What Is The Smallest National Park In Rwanda? Nyungwe forest National Park is considered the smallest National park in Rwanda covering a total surface area of about 300 square kilometers. This national park is located in the Southwestern region of Rwanda and it shares its boarders with Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. However, it is easily accessed because it situated just about 50 kilometers from Kigali city and stands at elevated area between 160 meters to 2950 meters above the sea level. More so, Nyungwe forest was established as a national park in 2004 and it has contributed a lot towards the tourism industry in Uganda.

Nyungwe forest national park is a good destination nation to visit while on your safari in Rwanda because it is a cool place surrounded with swamps, savanna grasslands, bamboo forests and montane forests and it usually receives rain of over 2000mm per year. More so, this national park offers you with a successful adventurous tour because exploring through this national park gives you chances to see large numbers of wildlife species due to the fact that it is a home to over 75 mammal species such as; elephants, leopards, bush bucks and many others and also 13 primate species like; chimpanzees, white and black colobus monkeys, golden monkeys, 120 butterflies, 15 reptile species, 1068 plant species, 12 amphibian species, 140 orchids. Nyungwe forest is also known as a rain forest, which leads to the formation of rainfall, which acts as water source to the River Nile, hence acts as a water catchments area in Rwanda. Touring around this national park blesses you with beautiful classic views of Virunga ranges, hills, Isumo waterfalls, tea plantations, which are situated on the edges of the park, and Lake Kivu, which is famously known as Rwanda’s largest lake.

Tourist Attractions in Nyungwe National park.

Nyungwe national park is a perfect tourism destination in Rwanda, which is richly blessed with many attractions that attract the attention of many people to travel from different parts of the world to visit the park, and these include;


Nyungwe national park is a considered as a birders paradise due to the fact that it is a home to over 300 bird species that tourists most especially bird lover can see while they explore within the park. therefore, some of these birds include; red collared mountain babblers, Purple breasted sunbirds, white tailed blue fly catcher, Rwenzori turaco, handsome francolin, Rwenzori batis, dusky crimson wing, red throated alethe, black and white casqued among others.


Nyungwe national park is also a home to over 13 primate species that tourists can sight see while they explore around the national park and some of these include; silver monkeys, chimpanzees, golden monkeys, owl-faced monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, olive baboons, vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, grey checked mangabey, l’hoest monkeys and bush babies. More so, these primate species are considered to top tourists attractions within Nyungwe forest national park.


Nyungwe forest National park is a home to over 1068 plant species which act as food to many mammal species in the park with around 68 endemic  such as; Talenna, Mahogany, Miliantus holistic, Rwandesis among others. More so, Nyungwe national park also harbours about 200 tree species with flowering plants such as; Orchids, giant lobelia, orchids, vegetation zones include; Sub-alpine vegetation which is known to be dominated by shrubs and bamboo.

What Is The Smallest National Park In Rwanda?
Nyungwe Forest National Park

Mammal species.

Nyungwe national park is a home to over 75 mammal species; giant forest hogs, duikers, golden cats, serval cats, leopards, side stripped jackal, civet and many others.

Activities in Nyungwe Forest National park.

Monkey Trekking.

Nyungwe forest National Park is a home to over 300 monkey species, which makes it a perfect destination for monkey trekking activities. more so, monkey trekking activities  is an exceptional activity and an interesting one while watching monkeys which are playful and other primate species that entertain tourists during their tour such as; white and black colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, lhoest monkeys, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys among others.

More so, there are so many other interesting activities that tourists can engage in while exploring within this park and some of these include; bird watching, hiking, guided nature walks, canopy walks, Gisakura tea plantation tour and many others. In addition, the best time for tourists to choose to visit this national park is best during the dry season when there happens to be less rains and short grass vegetation. In addition, this period is between months of June to September and from December to February.

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