What Is The Largest Swampy Lake In Uganda? : The largest swampy lake in Uganda is known to be Lake Kyoga, which is located in the Northwestern part of the country, and it covers a total surface area of about 1,720 square kilometers (660 square miles). In addition, it is situated in an elevated area of about 1,033 meters above the sea level and it is 5.7 meters deep (19 ft.). Lake Kyoga flows through several districts like; Dokolo, Apac and Amolatar. More so, it is noticed that the Victoria Nile flows through this lake while on its way to Lake Albert and the other water source to Lake Kyoga is Mount Elgon region, which is situated between the Ugandan border and the Kenyan border.

More so, the water lilies whereby the large part of the swampy shoreline is all surrounded and covered with the water hyacinth and papyrus dominate Lake Kyoga. In addition, this papyrus forms floating islands, which drift many different small permanent isles, and the famous extensive wetlands are fed by a complex system of many streams and rivers that surround the lake and some of these extensions of this lake include; Lake kwania, Lake Bugondo and Lake Opeta and many others.

Things to do around Lake Kyoga.

Visit the Nyero Rock Painting.

While on your safari to Lake Kyoga, tourists can opt to visit the Nyero rock painting, which is situated in a distance of about 12 kilometers away from the lake. And the Nyero rock painting became a UNESCO World Heritage site during 1997 and it is also under the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority. More so, the Nyero rock painting is famously known as the ancient geometric painting, it is ranked to be one of the most important art sites in the country, and during this activity, tourists are accompanied with the park guides.

What Is The Largest Swampy Lake In Uganda
Nyero Rock Painting


Fishing is one of the top activities conducted around Lake Kyoga because this lake is a home to over 46 fish species that can be caught from this lake. However, for individuals who interested into fishing are always encouraged to carry along their own fishing gears. More so, another commonly done activity while on and around this lake is bird watching whereby individuals are always able to spot bird species like; fox’s weaver, the black kite, the papyrus gonolekx, pied kingfisher, the rare shoebill stork and many others.

Community Visits and Cultural Encounters.

Tourists around Lake Kyoka on their safari can also opt to visit within the neighbouring communities within their free time and get to chances to interact with the local people such as the Baruuli who are considered as the main group of people that stays around this region. In addition, these Baruuli people are famously known to be herdsmen, farmers, charcoal burners and fishermen and they rely on this for their survival. More so, these people have their stable food, which is sweet potatoes and matooke, however, they also grow other crops like; yams, maize, cotton vegetables, cassava, millet, groundnuts and many others. more so, there are other people of different tribes who also stay around this area and interacting with them is always interesting and educative at the same time because tourists always get to learn more about their history, customs and traditions and some of these tribes include; the Basonga people, Baguugu people, Acholi people who are known to have migrated to this area purposely to practice into fishing.


Lake Kyoga is also a perfect lake for swimming activities; therefore, tourists can always opt to go for swimming most especially on hot/sunny days because this lake has clean and shallow waters.

In addition, for individuals to be able to easily access a lake they can choose to use road transport means whereby they will travel from the eastern part of the country from Kampala via Lale road or they can choose to use water means of transport as they travel by boat from Nakasongola to Namasale.

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