What is the best time to visit Uganda? This is a very common question. It’s right to know when to visit Uganda because you intend to make the most out of your experience, hence have to schedule the best dates before you travel to Uganda. Want to visit gorillas in Uganda? The best time to travel to Uganda is during the dry months of the season which are June to August and December to February. Truth is almost no one wants to have an experience in rain though sometimes it’s good to alternate and besides, certain activities are more fun during dry seasons. Wildlife also tends to be more visible and in great numbers during dry seasons. Gorilla safaris in Uganda are best during the dry months. These safaris can only be carried our from Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Best time to visit uganda

What you should know is Uganda’s climate is tropical and rainy with two dry seasons; June to August and December to February. During these months the game parks are not so wet and remain just perfect for a trip and a few activities like Game viewing and besides, you can travel Uganda in all parts without being worried of the weather. We would definitely recommend those two seasons as the best time to visit Uganda because you are sure of having a trip in the best weather condition trip. However, this doesn’t mean you should sideline the rest of the months. You can as well try to alternate, the weather might be unpredictable but could still be perfect for a trip.

About wildlife, it is a bit hard to spot wildlife in rainy seasons compared to dry seasons. This is because the animals take shelter from the rain and hardly come out in the open. The chances are minimal but it’s still possible to spot wildlife during rainy seasons. If you are looking to have a successful Gorilla Tracking experience then i recommend securing your Gorilla Tracking permits for the dry season in advance because they usually get booked so fast.

Roads in Ugandan National Parks are also not so good during rainy seasons. They are very slippery and several vehicles get stuck in mud on some occasions. However, you don’t need to worry about this because our 4-Wheel Drive vehicles are strong and stable enough to move smoothly through the roads. This Uganda tour review should inform you about the best time to travel to Uganda. Why visit Uganda? Uganda is simply one of the best destinations to make in the whole continent. The attractions the country was blessed with gives you all the reasons to have it top on your destination list.

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