What is Meru National Park Known For? Meru National park is located in the Eastern region of Kenya and in a distance of about 350 kilometers from Nairobi the capital city of the country. This national park also covers a total surface area of about 870 square kilometers. more so, Meru National park is considered to be among the best national park in the country where there is a good climate which receives rainfall with 635-762mm from the West side and 305-356mm within the East which enables the grass vegetation to grow and the lush swamps. Meru National park was first gazette as a nature reserve in 1973 and later poachers established it as a game park in 1990 after the murder of George Adamson. Many beautiful features, which attract tourists such as, surround this national park; Grand falls, Adamson is falls, Kora rapids, Mwitamvisi River that creates the Eastern boundary and there so many more seasonal rivers in the park. and the Northern part of the park is dominated by a vast sparse plain dotted with thinning trees while the Eastern side has overgrown shrubbery and towering trees and it is surrounded with  a diverse range of flora and fauna, savannah grasslands, wet woodlands among others.

Things to do in Meru National park.

Touring around Meru National park grants you chances to participate into so many interesting activities such as; game viewing due to the fact that this national park is a home to a variety of animal species such as; lions, leopards, elephants, rhinoceros, cape buffalos, zebras, gazelles which always spotted while they roam across the park while grazing in dry yellow tufts of grass, and the hippos that are usually spotted along the banks of rivers among others. more so, tourists can visit the rivers and riverine habitats and the Adamson and Elsa falls, visit the grave of Elsa the lion, view the black and white Rhino in the Rhino sanctuary, visit the former home of joy and George Adamson and Elsa the lioness, go for guided nature walks, bird watching where individuals are able to sight see birds like; ring-necked dove, Marabou stork, Somali ostrich, Gray crowned crane, yellow-necked spurfowl, laughing dove, bustard, kori bustard, common quali, African emerald cuckoo, African green pigeon, white stork, black winged stilt and many others.

Tourist Attractions in Meru National park.

In Meru National park, there are so many attractions which always lead many people to travel from many parts of the world to visit and some of these include; the Tana river which spans over around 1000kilometers and it is considered to be the longest river in the country, the black and white rhino sanctuary which covers a total surface area of about 80 square kilometers and it is well fenced to be protected away from the poachers hence leading to the increase in the number of Rhinos in the country and it is the place where they tourists see the black and white rhinos. More so, there is the Elsa the lioness who was raised as an orphan by George and Joy Adamson after the death of her mother and for those interested in the story of Elsa it was immortalized in the film during 1966.and the burial site of Elsa the lioness is situated near the former campsite of the Adamsons and many others.

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Where to stay in Meru National park.

For individuals planning on staying in Meru National park can always have their stay with the many accommodation facilities that are always available in the park however, these lodges are ranged and put in different classes such as; budget, mid-range and luxury hence giving a chance to guests to choose where to stay according to where it matches with their budget. therefore, some of these lodges include; Elsa’s Kopje, Rhino river camp, Ikweta safari camp, West wind hotel, meru paramount hotel, royal prince hotel, plaza hotel nkubu, Gatumene gardens hotel among others. More so, individuals can also opt to stay within lodges that are situated a few kilometers away from the national park such as; Elewana Elsa’s kopje, Ikweta safari camp, Leopards rock lodge, Consular resort among others.

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