What Is Lake Mburo National Park Famous For? Lake Mburo national park is located in the western region of Uganda in Kirihura district and crosses boarders with districts like districts like; Isingiro and Mbarara. Lake Mburo national park is one of the smallest national parks in the country, which covers a total surface area of about 260 square kilometers. In addition, it takes tourists about a distance of about 240 kilometers from Kampala and 30 kilometers from Mbarara city, which is considered biggest town found in the western region. Then from Lake Mburon national park, it is only a distance of about 99 kilometers and a drive of about 2 hours to be able to access the president’s home, which is situated in Nyabushozi in Kiruhura district.

Lake Mburo National park was first gazette as a game reserve in 1933 and it was later by established as a national park in 1963. More so, this area was known to be occupied by the Banyankole pastoralists who were famously known as the Bahima who are well known for grazing large herds of cattle.  And the origin of this national park was started by the two brothers who were known as; Mburo and Kigarama who lived stayed within the low-lying savannah plains hence making up a traditional area which was commonly known as; Kaaro Karungi. Lake Mburo National park has a vast ecosystem and it is surrounded with a wonderful nature with rocky ridges and forested gorges, green lush vegetation, narrow bands, riparian woodlands, stunning waterbodies, which form up a beautiful scenery in the game park. more so, this national park is surrounded with a variety with acacia trees, grass lands, valleys and it has both seasonal and permanent swamps and there grows papyrus which is used to make many local materials which are sold and improve on the governments economy.

Accommodation facilities in Lake Mburo national park.  

After exploring through Lake Mburo national park, there are so many accommodation facilities where tourists can opt to stay after a long tiring day. However, these lodging are always ranged and put in different classes such as; budget, mid-range and luxury hence helping guests to choose where to stay according to their preferences and where it matches with their budget. and some of these accommodation facilities include; Rwongo rest camp, Eages nest lodge, Arcadia cottages, Mantana tented camp, Rwakobo rock lodge, Mihingo lodge, Lake Mburo safari lodge and many others. However, it is noted that all these lodges offer their guests with good services and facilities in order for them to be comfortable during their stay.

Things to do Lake Mburo National park.

There are so many activities that tourists can do while exploring within Lake Mburo national park and some of these activities include;

Bird watching.

Lake Mburo national park is famously known to be among the birding destinations in the country and the birding adventures can best be enjoyed while in a car, while on a boat cruise, and more exciting while walking on foot and they can carry with binoculars which help you capture classic views of birds such as; bare-faced go-away-bird, pied kingfisher, red-faced barbet, papyrus gonolek, speckled mousebird, frican wattled lapwing, blue-headed coucal, malachite kingfisher, white-headed barbet, blue-breasted kingfisher, brown chested lapwing, brown-chested lapwing, long-tailed cisticola, carruther’s cisticcola, pelican, heron, crested crane and many others.

Game viewing.

Lake Mburo national park is also a good destination to travel to while planning to go an adventurous safari in Uganda because it is a home to many wildlife species that tourists can see while touring around the park and some of these species include; zebras, buffalos, hippos, reed backs, leopards, deffasa, waterbucks, oribi and many others.

What Is Lake Mburo National Park Famous For?
Lake Mburo National Park wildlife

Cultural encounters.

Lake Mburo national park is located within the Ankole sub region, which is commonly known to be the best area for the cattle keepers and cultivators. Therefore, for tourists who have their big interests in learning about the history and culture of the local people are encouraged to visit within the neighbouring communities and get to know more about their daily lifestyle. Individuals can visit the Igongo cultural centre which is located just about 4 kilometers away from the Sanga gates of the park  and this centre is known to be a historical site that us inhabited by the Banyakitara such as; Banyankole, Bakiga, Banyoro, batooro and many more. more so, this centre is a cultural museum that is referred to as “Erijukiro” in the local language and visiting this centre helps you to know more about the Ankole culture, see the Ankole cows, watch how the local people prepare their local meals, observe the dressing code and many others.

Apart from the above the mentioned above  activities, there are many more things to do in the park such as; horse riding, sport fishing, bicycle touring, guided nature walks, hiking and many others.

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