What Is Kakamega Forest Known For? Kakamega is a tropical rainforest, which is located in Kakamega, and Nandi County in Kenya and it is one of the hidden gems of the country, which covers a total surface area of about 200 square kilometers, and it situated in a distance of about 35 kilometers from Lake Victoria. In addition, this forest is a perfect destination to visit while on your adventurous safari in Kenya because touring around different areas of this forest will grant you a good remarkable experience.

Kakamega forest Reserve Tourist Attractions.

Kakamega forest reserve is considered birders paradise because it is a home to over 300 bird species and around 400 butterfly species, which can be spotted and appreciated while tourists embark onto guided nature walks and picnics within the forest. And some of the birds to see in Kakamega forest include; Cinnamon chested bee-eater, crested guinea fowl, giant kingfisher, great blue turaco, violet’s black weaver, blue headed beat eater, black billed turaco, grey parrots, turner’s Eremomela and many others.


Kakemega forest is also a home to a large population of mammal species that tourists can get chances to sight see as they explore through the forest and some of these species include; bush pigs, giant forest hedgehogs, Debrazzar monkeys, pottos, bushbucks, porcupines, Aardvarks and many others. more so, this forest also hosts large numbers of lizards, and many amphibians and reptiles such as snakes like; forest cobras, bush viper, Gabon viper, Rhinoceros viper, Jameson’s mamba among others.


Kakamega forest is known to be dominated and surrounded with a good cover of vegetation for example; there is a recorded number of over 380 plant species, 150 tree species and shrubs, 170 species of flowers and around 60 species of orchids and many others. More so, there are more tourist attractions which rank this forest as a massive destination such as; spectacular waterfalls, hiking trails among others.

Kakamega forest is also considered as one of the most densely populated areas in the country because there many people who stay around this forest as their homesteads.  However, this causes a negative impact towards the forest because the local people tend to utilize so much the resources from the forest.  There are a many organizations that work together in order to protect this area for example; the Kenya wildlife services and the Kenya forest services and they try to teach the local people the risks and disadvantages of over relying so heavily on the resources from the forest.


Kakamega forest is seen as a home to numerous moth species, which are famously known for their nocturnal habits and the array of their shapes, unique colors and sizes. More so, these moth species are noted to have fascinating camouflage adaptations, which allows them to fit within the surrounding.


Kakamega forest hosts a wide variety of beetle species, which are considered one of the most diverse groups of insects that are globally known such as; the vibrant jewel beetles to ground dwelling beetles and these contribute a lot towards the forests ecosystem. More so, these insects play a crucial role of pollination and the decomposition processes in the forest. However, there are more other different types of insects within the forests and some of these include; bees, ants, mantises, crickets, grasshoppers, damselflies, dragonflies and many others and the ample food sources and diverse vegetation with in the forest always attracts and provides a good environment to the species.

What Is Kakamega Forest Known For?
Kakamega wildlife

Activities done in Kakamega forest.

Tourists exploring with Kakamega forest can also blessed with great opportunities to be able to engage into different interesting activities where they learn new experiences and some of these things to do include; the canopy walkway where tourists will get to walk among the treetops as they enjoy panoramic views of the forest, hiking and guided nature walks  where individuals get chances to encounter with the forests ecosystem, encounter with wildlife species, and discover streams and hidden waterfalls along their way, bird watching, cultural encounters, research and education, wildlife viewing and many others.

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