What Are The Tourism Activities In Sadaani National Park? Saadani national park is located in the Northwestern region of Tanzania, it covers a distance of about 100 kilometers from Dar es salaam, and this game park is a wildlife sanctuary, which is situated along the coast of the Indian Ocean and in a distance of about 60 miles from the Southwest of Tanga. More so, Saadani national park is known to have been first gazette as a game reserve in 1960s and later it was established as a national park in 2005 with the main  purpose of protecting the both the wildlife species and the plants. This national park covers a total surface area of about 1100square kilometers and it crosses different regions such as; Zanzibar, Pwani and Tanga. More so, Sadaani National Park is dominated by an ecosystem, which consists of areas like the Zaraninge forest, Mkwanja ranch area, the stunning Wami River and Sadaani village where tourists can visit and interact with the local people.

Attraction in Sadaani National Park.

In Sadaani national park, there is a number of tourist attractions which lead many people to travel from all over the world to tour around the park and some of these include; the great wami river which crosses over from the East to the West of the park, large numbers of wildlife animals which are commonly spotted with in areas like; the Zaranginge and Kwamishi forests, the clean bush beaches where tourists can visit to chill and relax while they enjoy the sea breeze and they are being protected and managed by the Tanzania National Park Authority. More so, this national park is also seen as a birders paradise because it is a home to 250 bird species that be spotted within the park and more clearly captured with the help of the binocular. There is also the Sadaani village which is famously known as the Swahili fishing village where tourists can visit and get to interact with the local people and get to learn more about their culture and traditions for example they get to learn to few basics on how to speak their local language which is Swahili and observe how they leave their daily lifestyle and many others.

Tourism activities in Sadaani National Park.

Exploring around Sadaani national park gives you chances to be able to engage in so many interesting activities where you learn new experiences and create remarkable memories and some of these include;

Game drives.

Embarking onto game drives is one of the best ways for individuals to be able to tour around different areas of the park tourists should note that these drives are usually conducted in two different sessions and that is day game drives and night game drives. However, the day game drive is considered the best because one will be able to capture classic views of the beautiful scenery of the park and sight see at many animals like; giraffes, zebras, elephants, waterbucks, warthogs, and yellow baboons. More so, those who choose to engage in the night game drives are always able to see nocturnal animals.

Bird watching.

For bird lovers exploring around Sadaani national park with the main aim of seeing birds are ecounraged to visit areas like within the mangrove forest and while on the launch trips on Wami river they will be able to sight see so many bird species such as; pel’s fishing owl, African skimmer, lesser kestrel, African cuckoo, crowned eagle, bateleur, greater flamingo, goliath heron, purple heron and many others.

Wildlife viewing.

Sadaani national park is also ranked among the best destinations to visit while on your adventurous safari in the country it is a home to a big population of wildlife animals that individuals can be able to spot while they tour around different parts of the park. In addition, some of these animals include; buffalos, hartebeests, elands, lions, waterbucks, greater kudus, warthogs, reedbucks, leopards, lions, elephants and many others.

And apart from the above mentioned activities, there are many more things that tourists can do while they are in this national park and some of these include; boat cruises which normally go for about 2 to 3 hours and are best conducted from Wami River, guided nature walks which involves tourists to walk on foot around the park as they being accompanied with park guides, canoeing, community visits and cultural encounters and many others.

Accommodation facilities in Sadaani National park.

In sadaani national park, there are many accommodation facilities where tourists can choose to have their stay as they are on a safari however, these lodging facilities are ranged and classified differently such as; from budget, mid-range and luxury, which helps guests to choose where to stay according to their personal choices and where it matches with their budget. therefore, some of these lodging facilities include; Sadaani safari lodge, Sadaani river lodge, Sadaani park hotel, safari Mashariki lodge, Wami river bush retreat, the tides lodge, Kijongo bay beach, Sanctuary sadaani river lodge, the roof of sadaani and many others.

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