What Are The Special Five In Samburu National Park? Samburu national park is located in the Northern part of Kenya covering a total surface area of about 165 square kilometers and it is situated in a distance of about 350 kilometers from Nairobi city which is famously known to be the capital city of the country. this national park stands at elevated area of altitude which ranges from 800 to 1230 meters above the sea level and it is surrounded with unique landscapes, dense forests, savannah grasslands, woodlands which act as home to diverse wildlife species  and among these species there are the five that standout to be commonly to be referred to as the “the big five” these include the following below;

The Big Five Animals in Samburu National Park.


Samburu national park is seen as a thriving natural habitat to magnificent predators more especially the lions that are commonly referred to as “the king of the jungle” and the majestic lions are one of the undoubtedly of the most iconic animals that tourists find exciting to see while on their safari. And these species are characterized to be the most strong species, have compact bodies, strong teeth and jaws which they use for pulling and killing their prey during hurnting and they have powerful forelegs. More so, lions are considered to be strong because of their power, courage, bravery, strength fearless and ferocity which makes them to act as great leaders . therefore, Samburu national park is renowned to host large population of the maneless lions and for tourists exploring around different areas within this park get chances to overlook at these species hence marking their safari a successful one.


More so, the mysterious leopards are considered to be another member of the special five animals that are found in Samburu national park and the leopards are usually referred to as “ the ghost of Savannah” and they are famously known for their exceptional climbing abilities and for their stealthy behavior. And choosing to explore through different areas within the park gives tourists chances to spot the leopards in the wild which is seen as a rare and thrilling experience and it also offers prime opportunities to over look at many other animal species. these leopards are characterized because they large and powerful cats that have strong limbs and they are seen to have dark spots that are found on their skin and these spots have shades of different colors such as; pale cream, brown, grey and orange. More so to know about these species is that their colors varies from their habitat to habitat for example; the dark species are usually spotted within forests while the paler ones are found in arid and within open habitats.


Samburu national park is famously known for hosting a significant of elephants. And these elephants are known to be gentle giant and considered to be largest animals found in the park and have impressive tusks which attracted the attention of the poachers in the early days. Tourists usually spot the elephants species while they graze, bathing within their natural habitats. More so, the elephants are characterized because they are bold, shy, short tempered , afraid, curious and laid back species which have long tusks, relatively large ears, columnar legs, they lack hair on most of the adult body, thick skin and many others.

What Are The Special Five In Samburu National Park?


Cheetahs are undoubtedly known to standout to be among the big five animals in Samburu national park  and these species are known to be sleek and graceful cats that are famously known to be the fastest land animals because of their speed. More so,  cheetahs are agility and have good hunting techniques. Therefore, touring around this national park  and get chances to observe the cheetahs is always a exhilarating experience and also get to see other remarkable predators within their natural habitats.

Reticulated giraffes.

The Reticulated giraffes are also commonly referred to as ‘THE SOMALI GIRAFFE” are the subspecies which are easily spotted within the northern region of Kenya. Samburu national park is a home to large population of reticulated giraffes which are also considered to be an integral part of the special five and tourists usually spot these species while they walk across the grasslands and browsing on the acacia trees and interacting with these species is a always great experience.

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