What Animals Are In Mkomazi National Park? Mkomazi national park is located in the Northern part of Tanzania within Tanga region and it shares boarders with other national parks in other countries like; Tsavo West National park in Kenya. Mkomzai national park is situated in a distance of about 120 kilometers from the East side of Moshi town. More so, this national park is well known for its uniqueness whereby it is considered to be among the protected areas in the country which host large population of Beisa oryx and gerenuk and it is also a home to many rare colobus monkeys which are commonly spotted within the riverine forests. Mkomazi national park has a good semi-arid climate with bimodal rainfall distribution pattern and it well characterized by the Acacia commiphora species, which are scattered in many areas around the park. and this game park is ranked to be one of the richest savannahs in the whole of Africa and its beautiful flora and fauna, green lush vegetation which makes this park to act as good natural habitat to many wildlife species therefore it is known to be a home to over 18 mammal species which include the big five animals and also harbours around 450 bird species which are always available in the park for bird lovers to see as they tour around the park.

Mkomazi National park covers a total surface area of about 3,500 square kilometers and it was officially established as a national park in 1951 with a main purpose of protecting all the wildlife animals in the country and touring around this national park blesses you with classic views of the spectacular wilderness which is best captured from the northwestern side from mount Kilimanjaro which is known to be the Africa’s highest summit.

Animals in Mkomazi National Park.

Mkomazi national park is one of the recommended destinations to travel to while on your adventurous safari in Tanzania because it is a home to over 78 mammal species and for tourists to see these species in large numbers they can opt to jump on game drive which are done in different sessions such as; in the morning, afternoon and evening and these always accompanied with park guides due to the fact that they have more knowledge and are familiar with many parts of the park. therefore, some of these animals include; giraffe, hartebeest, lesser kudu, Oryx, eland, grant’s gazelles, buffalos, elephants, dik dik, topi, zebras, wildebeests, antelopes, wild dogs, black rhinos and many other predators like; leopards, cheetahs, lions and many others.

And the best time to go for wildlife watching safaris is between months of June to October which is considered to be the dry season and it seen as the best time because it is during this period of the year when the vegetation in the park is thinner and many animals are spotted while they gather around the rivers and water holes to quetch off their thirst.

Birds in Mkomazi national park.

Mkomazi national park is ranked to be among the top birding areas in the country hence being a fantastic destination for bird lovers to visit because it harbours around 450 bird species and some of these birds include; vulturine guinea fowl, kori bustard, ostrich, bare eyed thrush, golden breasted starling, long tailed fiscal, von der decken’s hornbill, long tailed fiscal, buff crested bustard weavers, doves, Rosy-patched bush shrike, rufous crowned roller and many others.

What to do while in Mkomazi national park.

While exploring in Mkomazi national park, tourists get opportunities to engage in so many interesting activities where they gain new experiences and enjoy as they create remarkable memories and some of these activities include; camping, bird watching, hiking, game drives, bird watching, wildlife viewing, visiting the Mkomazi rhino sanctuary, guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with park guides and rangers, community visits and cultural encounters among others.

 When to visit in Mkomazi national park.

What Animals Are In Mkomazi National Park?
Mkomazi National Park

For tourists planning to travel to Mkomazi national park should do so between months of June and early September because it is best time to see large numbers of mammal species and a variety of bird species. More so, it is well known that the scenic beauty of the park is at its peak between months of March and June.

Accommodation in Mkomazi national park.

For tourists who spend their entire day exploring within Mkomazi national park can choose to have their stay around the lodging facilities in and outside the park however, individuals should note that these accommodation facilities are ranged differently such as; from budget, mid-range and luxury. And some of these include; Mkomazi wilderness retreat, Momella wildlife safari lodge, Mkomazi hotel and campsite, Nic’s tented lodge,Mkuzu creek resort, Kiwanjani eco lodge, tona safari lodge, Orlando safari lodge, Pangani river camp and many others.

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