Unique Things to do in Tanzania : Tanzania is yet one of the most attractive destinations that one should not skip an eye on when it comes to safaris adventures in East Africa, Tanzania is surrounded with so many tourist attractions and so many places to visit including the 22 national all  filled with marvel sceneries to sight and enjoy.

Once one steps into Tanzania there is a lot tom sight and appreciate starting from the entrance of the airport to departure of the country one will surely be marveled at the beauty within the country.

Tanzania has got Tazania National Parks that can surely give extreme safari experiences to all the sightseers that visit the country and the different national parks, mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, plus the numerous game reserves in the republic.

Once one chooses Tanzania as the place of marvel to sight for any kind of safari the country gives a chance to tourists to visit within different areas of the country as they learn more about the sacred points in the country.

In article get to know about some of the interesting things that tourists can do while they explore within the country together with Achieve global safaris join in for an adventure as we explore the republic of Tanzania.


Hike Mount Kilimanjaro.

Known to be one of the highest mountain in Africa get the golden chance to Hike mountain Kilimanjaro as you hike to the top of the mountain, hiking mountain Kilimanjaro is an epic experience while you learn more about Tanzania and as you hike the mountain you get to know that the mountain has got various routes which can be used to explore the mountain.

Game viewing in Serengeti National Park.

Located in the Northern part of Tanzania in Arusha region Serengeti national park is ranked to be among the largest game parks in the country, which covers a total surface area of about 14,768 square kilometers.

And once on an adventure into the republic of Tanzania this is one of the most recommended national park to visit and get to sight different wildlife as you also marvel at the extreme beauty in the national park.

Get to sight the big five animals which include; lions, African elephants, buffalos, rhinos and leopards within the national park and other wild animals such as; bat eared fox, warthogs, hunting dogs, magnificent wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, porcupine, jackals and many others.

Witness the Great Migration of the wildebeests

While on a hot Air Balloon safaris you can as well get to witness the great wildebeest migration in the country within Serengeti National park where the wildebeests are always seen migrating from this game to park to Masai Mara national park in Kenya.

Unique Things to do in Tanzania
Wildebeest Migration

This tends to be a fascinating safari activity that is most sought for in the republic of Tanzania, these great wildebeest migrate from Serengeti national park to masai mara national park with the main purpose of searching for water and grass and one can get the chance to sight this activity as while carrying out hot air Ballon safari activities in Tanzania mostly between months of June and July.

Embark on Game Drives

Get to involve yourself into game drives in one of the most famous destinations in Tanzania known as Ngoro Ngoro crater which is famously known as the biggest volcanic caldera, covering a total surface area of about 8,292 square kilometers, and it commonly referred to as “the garden of Eden”.

The destination is filled up with various wildlife species to witness while on a game drive experience in Tanzania and as you drive through the national park you get to sight these wild animals feeding or even taking water and some of these include; wild dogs, hartebeests, zebras, gazelles, reedbucks, cheetahs, hippos, wildebeests, spotted hyenas, elands, blue monkeys, antelopes, lions, leopards, impalas, waterbucks, kudu, hyenas and many others.

Without skipping the fact that the game drives also permit one to sight so very many bird species in the destinations which involve; Rufus tailed, Kori bustards, capped whater, grey crowned cranes, Nortehrn Anteater chat, caped whater, white eyed slaty flycatcher, black headed heron and many others.

There are lots of safari experiences in the Republic of Tanzania that you can’t skip an eye on as you get to know more about the uniqueness in the country and this gives all sightseers to get to sight that exactly they sought for in the country and with that case the country has got so very many marvel destinations to explore and know of.

With the Achieve global safaris, one can get to visit the different destinations in the country as the company works on all the needed facilities to see to it that one enjoys their visitation in the country and far beyond.