Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)

Uganda Wildlife Authority an agency that was formed in the year 1996 under the parliamentary act 2000 which was later on amended into a Uganda Wildlife Act in 2019. Uganda wildlife abbreviated at UWA is a government body lying under ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and is responsible for the management, conservation and protection of all protected areas in Uganda the pearl of Africa and the Uganda wildlife. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) manes 10 protected national parks including Murchison falls national park, Kibale forest national park, Kidepo valley national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, Lake Mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, Mount Elgon National park, Mount Rwenzori national park, Semliki national park, 14 wildlife sanctuaries, 12 wildlife reserves, and other 5 wildlife areas that are managed by the community members. The Uganda’s minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities is responsible for appointing a board of Trustees to run the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The mission of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is “to conserve, develop and manage the wildlife and all protected areas in Uganda together with the neighboring communities to ensure that all people of Uganda benefit from it and the entire Universe”

The core values of Uganda wildlife Authority include; Team work, Customer care, professionalism, integrity and commitment to conservation.

What are the objectives of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA)?

  • The Uganda Wildlife Authority has effortless managed to improve the tourism sector of Uganda the pearl of Africa and has greatly put it on the map. Uganda Wildlife Authority is responsible for proper supervision of all park activities thus better services are visible in all protected areas in Uganda under the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.
  • The authority as well is responsible for setting up the prices for different activities in Uganda’s wildlife protected area including the entrance fees and the activities and out he money gathered, a certain set percentage is allocated to the conservation works. 

For instance take an example of a gorilla trekking permit in Uganda that currently costs $700 for Foreign Residents, $600 for foreign nonresidents and Ugandan shillings 250,000 for Ugandans and East Africa community members. Yes, most people would feel like this permit is expensive but a percentage of it is used to help in conservation of the parks including Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park which harbor endangered mountain gorillas thus a percentage of this money collected on each permit is used to help in protection, management and conservation of the park and development of locals who reside near the parks. With this effort, the population of mountain gorillas is seen increasing slowly but sure with more 1063 gorillas remaining in the Wild, more than 50% thrill in Uganda the pearl of Africa making Uganda the top destination for both Gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation experience. It is the role of the Uganda Wildlife Authority to issue out the gorilla trekking permits as well as the Gorilla habituation experience.

Other permits issued by the Uganda wildlife Authority include the Chimpanzee trekking permits which currently costs $200 for Foreign Nonresidents, $150 for foreign residents and Ugandan shillings 150,000 for Ugandans and East Africa community member states. These permits are as well obtained from Uganda wildlife authority headquarters along Kira road in Kampala and enable tourists to trek chimpanzees in Kibale forest national park. Golden monkey trekking permits are as well the gate pass to be able to trek the endangered golden moneys in Mgahinga gorilla national park. Also to enjoy lion tracking experience in Queen Elizabeth national park, one needs a lion tracking permit. There is yet sport fishing permits, filming permit and many more that must be obtained before embarking on particular activities.

The Uganda wildlife authority is responsible for marketing of tourism sector in Uganda to attract several tourists which in turn brings revenue to the government.

Amongst the wildlife protected in Uganda by the Uganda wildlife Authority include primates such as Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzees, different species of monkeys, mammals including the big 5 game (Lions, Rhinos, Buffaloes, Elephants, Leopards) and other many small mammals like Zebras, Uganda Kob, Elands, bushbucks, waterbucks, bush pigs, hyenas, and many more without forgetting abundant of birdlife.

Thinking about what to do in Uganda, take a brief look into a list of things to do in Uganda the pearl of Africa;

  • Mountain gorilla trekking
  • Chimpanzee trekking
  • Game drives 
  • Nature walks
  • Boat cruise
  • City tours
  • Birding
  • Sport fishing 
  • Community and cultural tours
  • Volcanoes hike
  • Beach relaxation
  • White water rafting and many more.

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Location of Uganda Wildlife Authority

The headquarters of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) are located at plot 7 in Kamwokya along Kira road in Kampala Central division which is one of the 5 division in Kampala the capital city of Uganda. The office is just in between the British High Commission that are just near the entrance gate as well as the Uganda Museum.