Uganda Savannah national parks are open again for tourism

Uganda national parks re – opening: Is Uganda open for tourism? I am sure several travel lover are wondering whether Uganda has been opened for tourism yet, but the response is “YES” some of the Uganda national parks are now open fora tourism again. On Friday 5th June 2020, hope was restored in the tourism sector of Uganda after the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) put up a public note informing the general public about re opening of some national parks in Uganda most especially the savanna national parks. This came as a result of thorough consultations from the ministry of health Uganda and in agreement to ensure safety of travelers while on a visit to the protected areas in Uganda.

Uganda boasts with 10 beautiful national parks out of which a few of them are primate homes for primate tours and the rest are savanna national parks for wildlife viewing safaris. Amongst the 10 Uganda national parks, only savanna national parks have been opened back for tourism and some of these parks include;

Murchison falls national park:  Murchison falls national park is the largest savanna national park in Uganda that is famous for its Powerful water fall. While in Murchison falls national park, travelers encounter Hippos, Elephants, crocodiles, lions, buffaloes, among others. Murchison falls national park is the best park for game drive safari, boat cruise safari along Nile river and a hike to summit top of waterfall without forgetting a breath taking Hot air balloon safari. Murchison falls national park is therefore open for tourism again.

Kidepo valley national park: Kidepo valley national park is yet the most beautiful savanna national park in Uganda situated far in the northern part of Uganda bordering south Sudan and Kenya. Kidepo valley national park is yet re opened for tourism activities most especially the game drive safari and nature walks. While in kidepo valley national park, travelers are blessed with a view of a more greener vegetation cover with a huge sum of wildlife species including Lions, Elephants, buffalo, Cheetahs, and many more species without forgetting a huge population of birds

Queen Elizabeth national park: Queen Elizabeth National Park is also re opened for tourism since it’s termed as a savanna national park. The major activities done in Queen Elizabeth national park including the breathtaking game drives both in Kasenyi plains to encounter a large population of wildlife and then another game drive in Ishasha sector to encounter with the tree climbing lions. There is also a boat cruise safari along the kazinga channel to spot Hippos, crocodiles and other aquatic wildlife species. Do not forget lion tracking experience also done in Queen Elizabeth savanna national park.

Lake Mburo national park: Lake Mburo national park is a compact gem, small but worth a visit while on a Uganda safari due to its attractions such as Zebras, Impalas, leopards, Hippos and with aver 350 species of birds available for birders. Being a savanna national park of Uganda, Lake Mburo national park is open for tourism with major activities being game drives, walking safaris through well-defined route, horseback riding, boat cruise, and sport fishing, cycling, and birding among others.

The above mentioned national parks in Uganda were closed some time back due to the Corona virus that hit the entire world badly affecting every sector of the economy tourism inclusive. This made most of the tourists to reschedule their Uganda safaris to further days where they expected the Corona virus to have been contained and probably vaccine obtained. However, the good chance is that even amidst corona virus, Uganda has remained strong and up to date, Uganda has not recorded any coronavirus death rerated thus making it the one of the safest country to visit even amidst coronavirus pandemic.

Below is the list of some of the most fascinating tourist activities to enjoy with in the Uganda protected savanna national parks that have been opened for tourism:

  • Game drive safari
  • Boat cruise safari
  • Birding safari
  • Mountaineering and hiking tours
  • Nature walks safari
  • Sport fishing safari
  • Hot air balloon safaris
  • Cycling safaris
  • Horseback riding safaris etc.

Below are some of the guideline to follow while on a Uganda safari during this corona virus pandemic;

  • All travelers are mandatorily screened at the entrance of the park using a temperature detecting thermometer
  • Travelers must wash and sanitize their hands at the gate before entering any park or any other protected area
  • Social distancing with the tourism vehicles must be observed while on game drive or boat cruise. This implies that a half of what should be carried is recommended in order to observe the social distance
  • Saloon cars are not allowed to perform game drives with in the parks
  • The maximum number of persons allowed per group of people is 25. Beyond 25 people, that group shall not be allowed to do any activity in the park or any other protected area
  • Functions such as parties, are not yet allowed inside the parks
  • Travelers are encouraged to ensure that they pack their own face masks and hand sanitizers for safety purposes

Uganda’s Primates national parks are not yet opened: For travelers interested in primate viewing safari, they have to wait abit as the primate parks namely; Bwindi Impenetrable national park a home to the largest number of both habituated and semi habituated mountain gorillas, Mgahinga Gorilla national parks which harbor only one group of gorilla family Nyakagezi  and also a home to endangered Golden monkeys & Kibale Forest national park a home to 13 primate species including endangered chimpanzees aren’t open yet for fear of these endangered primates acquiring corona virus from human beings since they share almost 95-99% of human DNA. Bwindi national park, Mgahinga gorilla national parks and Kibale forest national park are the best destinations for primate viewing safaris in the world. Due to corona virus, primate safaris such as Gorilla trekking gorilla habituation experience, Gorilla trekking safari, Chimpanzee trekking safari, Chimpanzee habituation experience, Golden monkey tracking safari, and other primate viewing safaris aren’t open as of now until further notice.

Conclusion: Book your dream wildlife safari in any of the allowed savanna national parks to fully explore the beautiful nature of Uganda the peal of Africa. Check out our fascinating Uganda safari now. Welcome to Uganda.