Is Uganda safe for Americans, Britons, Canadians, South Africans, Indians, Asians, Japanese, Dutch or tourists of any other nationalities? There is already an article on this blog, a safety guide for Uganda that includes almost all the vital information you will need to know. However, we have decided to come up with a separate Uganda safety guide specifically for Americans to help them plan their safari to Uganda with ease.

Uganda safety

How safe is Uganda for Americans? We shall look at this point in different perspectives and i’ll say Uganda is absolutely safe for Americans except that a few policies that are effective in USA might not apply in Uganda. Some of the policies are the rules that govern homosexuality in Uganda, same-sex practices are strongly prohibited in Uganda especially to residents. Good thing is this doesn’t apply so much to foreigners, the country is safe for gay and lesbian tourists.

Besides the law that governs homosexuality there’s no other serious factor that is likely to bleach the Uganda safety for Americans except these general factors that are likely to affect every tourist. Don’t ever freak out when they tell you Uganda isn’t safe for Americans, very many American tourists flood the country each year and so can you.

Uganda safety

Uganda attracts all kinds of tourists from all over the world too and the laws that govern the country aren’t so strict. Some countries will restrict certain nationalities from making entourage in the country but this is not Uganda, Uganda is free for everyone and welcomes every tourist irrespective of your nationality.

The Uganda safety for Americans is guaranteed right from the process of getting a VISA till the day you make your return destination. Are you an American traveler that plans to have a Uganda safari soon? Book a safari to Uganda with us today and we shall guarantee you an exceptional, amazing and memorable trip of a lifetime.