Uganda Safaris in April: The month of April  is considered the wettest month in Uganda the pearl of Africa which in most cases lead to closing of some accommodations, destroys the roads, bridges and many other things. However it is not a must that it must rain on a daily, there are days where you won’t even be able to receive the rains at all. For instance at the time of writing this article in April in 2021, I am surprised that there is little and sometimes no rains at all. This implies that in Uganda Climate can change at any given period of time so no need to worry about visiting Uganda in April though you need to carry your Umbrella with you and the rain jacket at all the time for incase it rains while in the jungle.

Uganda Safaris in April

 Is it good to Visit Uganda in April?

The Month of April is considered low season in tourism industry as Uganda receives a few number of tourists but a few who come can actually tell that April is amongst the best time to visit Uganda with less congestion and a lot of beautiful flora species. Some lodges usually offer discounts on their accommodations in order to attract even those few clients to their lodges thus best time to travel on a budget safari. Well, considering the general nature of Uganda the Pearl of Africa’s climate, I will say yes it is okay to travel to Uganda in April but rest assured that it is the wettest month of all the 12 months in a year where Uganda receives rainfall throughout the entire month.

Well, apart from rains that make the roads impassable and flooding some of the destinations in Uganda, April is as well a nice month especially for nature lovers as the tree tops create beautiful canopies and the flowers as well blossoms making Uganda the best destination for photography in the month of April.

Also, tourists who wish to trek Mountain gorillas are lucky that during the rainy month like April, there is a lot of food thus most of the gorilla families will be seen a few distance walk in the lower slopes with in Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park thus easing on the stress of long trails like in dry months where gorillas tend to climb up in higher elevations in search of food. This implies that one can enjoy gorilla trekking in April at ease. But keep in mind that the trails will be muddy, slippery and the vegetation cover will be thick. And the good thing with Visit Uganda in April for Gorilla trekking is that there will always be availability of Gorilla permits and the trek will be so rewarded as a few people will be out in the jungle for the trek. The same applies to chimpanzee trekking, Guided nature walks, hiking and many more.

Uganda Safaris in April

When it comes to game viewing in April, animals tend to hide within the thick and tall vegetation, even vehicles get stuck in muddy roads within the park making it hard to enjoy the adventure while on a game drive. For the boat cruise, sometimes the water levels rise high and even cover up the landing sites especially if it rains consecutively making the adventure less enjoyable. However, one may opt to visit some of the drier parts of Uganda like the Murchison falls national park which lies in in the drier parts of the country unlike those parks that thrill in western and southern Uganda though the entire country is filled with beautiful vegetation good for photographs. April is as well a breeding season where most of the new born are spotted in the parks.

In summary, advantages of Visiting Uganda during the month of April include shorter treks since Gorillas roam in lower altitude areas that are abit warmer during rainy season, Beautiful vegetation, Lower accommodation rates, a lot to spot in the parks etc. however, the disadvantages of visiting Uganda during the month of April include Heavy rains throughout the year, difficult trails, thick vegetation, lots of Mosquitos though all lodges provide mosquito nets at all the time.


We can plan your next safari to Uganda for the month of April or any other month since Uganda receives tourists at any given period of time all year round.