Uganda reopens Entebbe International Airport effective 1st October 2020

Uganda reopens Entebbe International Airport effective 1st October 2020: October 1st 2020 is finally set for Uganda to reopen Entebbe international airport and all land borders for tourism. This came at a time where all the other East African countries including Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda already opened up their airports for passengers’ flights and Uganda was the only remaining country that still had its airport and border points locked due to fear of increasing the spread of Coronavirus. This news were announced by the president of the republic of Uganda His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on a national Television in Uganda and broadcasted to all other channels while he was addressing the nation on his 20th presidential address. 

The news of reopening Entebbe international airport and the land borders excited almost everyone involved in the tourism sector as this is will lead to a boom once again in tourism as most travelers have been waiting to resume their adventures in the pearl of Africa. This will not only be an advantage for tourists but also for Ugandan returnees who wish to return home are free to return from different countries as long as one presents negative results done in 72 hours, they will not be quarantined but move direct to their homes though the ministry of health will take their records for easy follow-ups. 

Since both the Airport and the border point have been opened with effective to October 1st 2020, this implies that one is able to connect from one destination to another with in East Africa either by road or by Air depending ones wish. During his address, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said that all tourist are allowed to enter into the country only if they present Covid-19 test results that shows negative carried out within 72 hours equivalent to 3 days. Once the passenger presents a certificate that shows negative results for Covid-19 is one the major emphasise before proceeding from Entebbe international airport or the land border point. After proving that the passengers are negative, there is no need for quarantine and the travelers proceed with their journey either to their reserved hotel or direct to the park without mixing with rest of the Ugandans.

Back to history, Uganda closed both the airport and the borders late march 2020 allowing only Cargo flights and tracks that were carrying goods to and from Uganda the pearl of Africa and this surely hit the tourism sector so bad but that was the way to curb down the spread of the deadly coronavirus that arose from China in late 2019 thus spreading rapidly and put the entire world at stake as most countries had to lock down their borders and airports to contain the disease.  The idea of locking down the country was actually the best weapon used everywhere and it indeed played the good role in the containment of the disease. 

Due to in economic depression, the government of republic of Uganda started easing the lockdown slowly by slowly while enforcing the used of Standard Operating Procedures such as use of masks in public, use of hand sanitizers that are alcohol based or washing the hands frequently with soap and water at all the times, avoiding touching soft parts including Mouth, Eyes and Nose (M.E.N), keeping a social distance (tonsebelela initiative) where most of Ugandan artistes including Bobi Wine, Bebe cool and others made a song out of it to spread the message throughout the country and the world at large talking about the spread of corona and how best it could be avoided through social distancing. The passenger vehicles were recommended to carry half board including taxis (Matatus) and buses. Saloon cars were allowed to keep operating also but with limited number of people and life moved on but by then, the tourism sector was completely down since all parks were closed from humans and this created a boom in wildlife with in the park that will be explored by the first travelers. 

However with time, the savannah national parks were opened for only domestic tourism including Murchison falls national park a home to the most powerful waterfall in the world, Queen Elizabeth national park which harbours the tree climbing lions, Kidepo valley national park the most beautiful Savanah park with fresh vegetation and plenty of fauna and flora species, Mount Rwenzori national park, Mount Elgon national park and Lake Mburo national park. While the primate parks remained closed including the Mgahinga gorilla national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park and Kibale forest national park in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus to the endangered primate species including Chimpanzees and Gorillas which share about 97-98 of their DNA with human but finally all the Uganda’s national parks are wide open for tourists at any given period of time.

Uganda reopens Entebbe International Airport effective 1st October 2020
Uganda reopens Entebbe International Airport effective 1st October 2020

Conclusion: While on the safari, passengers are advised to ensure they keep social distance, possess hand sanitizer at all the time, wear face masks while in the park, and avoid mixing with the Ugandan communities among others for safety purposes. Book your safari now with Achieve Global Safaris and be the first to visit the wildlife after a long time of not being visited in the pearl of Africa. All you need is to check if your airline has been approved to land on Entebbe. Some of the approved airlines to land onto Entebbe international airport Uganda so far include Rwanda Air, Tanzania air, Fly Dubai, Qatar airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Dutch Airlines, Emirates airlines, KLM, and Brussels. Other airlines will be added anytime.