What side of the road does Uganda drive on? These Uganda driving tips give the best advice for driving in Uganda especially for tourists booking self-drive safaris in Uganda.

Uganda Driving Tips

Have you just gotten on the roads of Uganda or are you about to get on one? What you should know is Uganda has it’s own set of driving rules that govern drivers and all road users including pedestrians and motorcyclists or cyclists in General. The Uganda Driving Tips below should help give you some insights on driving in Uganda.

Side of the Road: Most cars in Uganda are right hand drive cars with manual transmissions. You re required by law to drive on the left hand of the road. However, Of recent there has been a hike in the number of automatic transmission vehicles in the country which are slowly overtaking manual transmission vehicles.

Potholes: Unlike developed countries, the roads in Uganda aren’t so smooth. Most of them have potholes that are variant in size. Some may be large especially the ones outside the main city of Kampala. Most of the roads in the main city are smooth but in case you encounter a rough road then you have to be cautious while driving. Necessities like learning how to replace car tires are also recommended.

Keep your Phone Away: You are not allowed talk or text on phone while driving on Uganda roads. Always keep your phone away.

Seatbelts: Always make sure you have your seatbelt on. The traffic officers are very strict on this and might get you charged. In case you are carrying any other persons in the car then ask them to have their seatbelts on too.

Large Vehicles: Big cars and cars bumpers out on the front have the right of way. Always try and give them priority.

Roundabouts: Vehicles in respective roundabouts have more priority on the roads at the moment. Don’t try to overtake them, just give them way.

Drunk Driving: Drunk driving is strongly prohibitted in Uganda. Once caught, you can risk getting your vehicle impounded and getting in the coolers for sometime until you completely sober up.

Driving Permits: Just like other countries, you are required by law to own a permit. If you are a foreigner then you have to seek for a temporary permit or document that will allow you use the roads.

Keep the Music Low: Always keep the music low in your car especially on busy streets. Only keep the volume loud when you are not on a highway.

Drive with some Authority: Basing the care-free culture of driving, you must drive with some authority. This could be in terms of getting on a highway or branching off a highway. However, keep the authority low when driving, don’t over do it.

Tip: Once you get caught and you know you are on the wrong, always try to apologize. The traffic officers are understanding and will forgive you in most cases. In case they ask for a tip, don’t hesitate to offer a small monetary tip to thank them.