Tourist destinations in Uganda :  There is the major reason as to why Uganda is one of the top most visited countries in East Africa with thousands of thrilling sceneries to explore and learn of just as you learn more about the sacred points of the country.

Uganda to be called the pearl of Africa was not out just love but the country truly earned the title it has and this is majorly reason as to why most choose to come through the country to have sight of these unique things that make Uganda different from others.

The uniqueness in the pearl of Africa is something each and every one needs to explore and learn of because the country is just and exceptional destination for all those that love and enjoy great ventures.

As it is Uganda is filled up with lots of fascinating sceneries to sight and learn of that’s why the carries thousands of visitors just to be able to venture the beauty of the country and the different destinations in the country.

In this article Achieve global safaris brings to you some of the most excellent destinations in the pearl of Africa that are yet to give you goose bumps once you step foot at the locations.

There is a lot to learn of and understand of when at the destinations with lots of excellent attractions to marvel at and these surely make the destinations unique and great for sighting and visiting.

Tourist destinations in Uganda

The list below gives you some of the tourist destinations you should consider visiting in order to know more about the marvel things that have surely made Uganda a super different destinations from all the rest of the east African countries.

Queen Elizabeth National Park: home to the tree climbing lions in the pearl of Africa, the destination has got lots of marvel and excellent fauna to sight while visiting the different tourist destinations in the pearl of Africa and this is located in the Western Region of Uganda, spanning the districts of Kasese is also one of Uganda’s largest national parks to sight.

Tourist destinations in Uganda
Bwindi Gorillas

Bwindi Impenetrable national park: located in the southwestern part of Uganda on the rim of the Rift Valley, bwindi impenetrable national park is also one of the other largest national parks in the pearl of Africa home to the thrilling mountain gorillas great to be sighted on a safari to great tourist destinations in Uganda and this national park can be visited at any time of the year.

Kibale National Park: this is the greatest destination in the pearl of Africa for chimpanzee trekking experiences, located in the western part of Uganda with thousands of flora and fauna to marvel at.

Lake Mburo National Park: located in Mbarara district Lake Mburo is one of the destinations that has got great safari experiences to experience in the pearl of Africa with great flora and fauna to sight and marvel at while trying out great photo-shoots.

These are some of the great destinations in the pearl of Africa for sighting while on a Uganda safari tour to some of the great tourist destinations in Uganda and others can include; Kidepo National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Rwenzori Mountains National Park, Mount Elgon National Park, Volcanoes National Park

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