Tourist attractions in Kidepo national park : Kidepo national park is among the best places in Uganda for safaris and it is located in the north eastern part of the country. The remote nature of Kidepo national park makes it worth exploring with a lot to discover which include the following attractions;

  • Mount Morugole

When visiting Kidepo national park, tourists interested in hiking tours in Uganda can visit Mount Morugole.

Mount Morugole is also an attraction which is known for being the home to the famous Ik tribe in Kidepo national park. The mountain offers views of the valleys in the national park including the Narus valley and also the Kidepo valley which are known for being home too various wildlife species.

The mountain is located north east of Apoka and hikes on the mountain can be done as a full day experience which also involves interactions with the Ik people and getting to know more about their culture and way of life.

  • Kidepo valley

Tourists can also visit the Kidepo valley during a tour around the national park and enjoy seeing the various wildlife species around the valley.

Along the Kidepo valley, tourists can enjoy guided nature walks and also game drives during safaris in Kidepo national park. The semi arid nature of the national park makes it easy to spot wildlife species around the destination.

  • Kanangorok hot springs

Another unique attraction which can be seen in Kidepo national park is the Kanangorok hot springs which is located close to the South Sudan border.

Around the Kanangorok hot springs, there are savannah plains as well as acacia woodland and thickets. The hot springs are formed between hard rock and the locals also have their own beliefs about their formation and take sacrifices to the hot springs.

  • Lomej hills

Lomej hills are among the attractions in Kidepo national park and they are located a short drive from the park headquarters.

From the Lomej hills, tourists can view other attractions in Kidepo national park including the various wildlife species such as elephants, giraffes, buffalos, antelopes, lions, zebras among others during safaris in the savannah plains.

The Lomej hills are also a good birding spot in the national park and they are also a good location to see the reedbucks during a safari in Kidepo national park.

  • Narus valley

The Narus valley consists of grassland and is surrounded by mountains and is among the best places for wildlife viewing in Kidepo national park.

There are water sources found in the Narus valley where wildlife species such as buffalos, giraffes, oribis, hartebeests, reedbucks, lions, cheetahs, leopards, lions among others can be seen during safaris.

Tourist attractions in Kidepo national park
Narus valley

Visiting the dry season in Narus valley makes wildlife viewing an exciting experience when visiting Kidepo national park.

  • Wildlife species

Kidepo national park is known for numerous wildlife species that can be seen across its diverse landscape including the open savannah plains.

Wildlife species found in Kidepo national park include lions, elephants, buffalos, cheetahs, greater and lesser kudu, impalas, topi, cheetahs, dik dik, elands, bushbucks, waterbucks, aardwolf, reedbucks, leopards, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, spotted hyenas, striped jackals, oribi among others.

During safaris around the national park, tourists can see wildlife species around the Narus valley and in the savannah plains of Kidepo national park among others locations. It is easy to spot wildlife species around the water points during safaris at the destination.

  • Bird species

Kidepo national park is also among the birding destinations in Uganda and the park is home to over 480 bird species.

Birds to look out for during safaris in Kidepo national park include Little weavers, Mosque Swallow, Scarlet chested Sunbird, Pygmy falcon,  Fox kestrel, Crimson rumped Waxbill, Common Ostrich, Secretary bird, Stone Partridge, Red Billed Oxpecker, Ethiopian Swallow, Nubian Woodpecker, Yellow Billed Shrike, Broad tailed Warblers, Karamoja Apalis, African Grey Flycatcher, Little Green Bee eater among others.

  • Rich culture

The rich culture of the people living around Kidepo national park is another reason to visit the national park. During the cultural tours, tourists can visit the homesteads, enjoy traditional dance performances, take part in visiting the kraals and engage in milking the cows with the locals, listen to stories of the warriors among other experiences.

There are many different tribes to interact with around Kidepo national park including tribes like the Ik people, the Karamojong people, the Dodoth tribe, the Tepeth among others each of who have unique cultures.

The Karamojong people are known for their unique semi nomadic culture, colorful way of dressing and they can be interacted with during visits to their homesteads around Kidepo national park. Some of the unique practices of the Karamojong include drinking blood of the cattle which is mixed with milk.

The Ik tribe can only be found on Mount Morugole during tours in Uganda which makes Kidepo national park a must visit destination to encounter the Ik and experience their culture and traditions during a safari.

Best time to visit attractions in Kidepo national park

At anytime of the year, visitors can go to Kidepo national park for a chance to see its different attractions. However, some months are better than others for safaris around the national park.

The dry season around June to September and around December, January and February is considered the best time to visit Kidepo national park and especially for wildlife safaris at the national park.

For bird watching, the best time to visit Kidepo national park is during the months of March to May and in November.

How to get to Kidepo national park

There are different ways to get to Kidepo national park including flights from Entebbe international airport to Apoka airstrip.

Another way to get to Kidepo national park to explore its different attractions is by driving from Kampala via Gulu and Kitgum to Kaabong. The drive to the national park is long (about 10 to 12 hours) and there can be many stop over along the way.

Tourists visiting Murchison falls national park can also drive to Kidepo national park via Gulu during their safaris in Uganda.