Tourist Attractions In Buffalo Springs National Park : Buffalo Springs national park is located in Isiolo County within the Eastern province in the Northern region of Kenya. Buffalo Springs National park is a rewarding destination to travel to while on a Kenya safari in the country and it lies within the Southern part of Samburu national reserve on the side of Ewaso Ngiro River, which is considered as the main water source, which is dominated with a whole ecosystem. Thus, national park derived its name from Buffalo springs, which are an Oasis with clear waters, found within the western end of the reserve and it is formed by rising the underground stream, which originated from Mount Kenya.

Buffalo Springs national park established as national park in 1948 with a main purpose of protecting all the wildlife animals and it covers a total surface area of about 131 square kilometers. more so, this national park  is  surrounded with rolling Rowland plain of old lava flows, volcanic soils of Olive basalt and it is surrounded with beautiful physical features  of buffalo springs which have stunning waters, fauna and flora and many others. In addition, this national park has many tourist attractions that lead many people to travel to this national park, which leads to the development of the tourism industry of Kenya therefore; these attractions include the following;

Tourist Attractions in Buffalo Springs Game Reserve.

Wildlife Animals.

An Adventurous safari  in Buffalo Springs game reserve rewards you with opportunities to sight see many wildlife species which are considered as  one of the top tourist attractions in the country hence ranking it among the best safari destinations while on Kenya wildlife safari. In addition, this national park is seen as a good natural habitat for these species because it is surrounded with riverine forests, savannah grasslands and Esawo Nyiro River. Therefore, these animals include; lions, leopards, elands, cheetahs, hyenas, impalas, waterbucks, wild dogs, common Burch ell’s zebra, beisa oryxes, reticulated giraffes, grants gazelles, gerenuk antelopes, grevy’s zebras, elephants, greater and lesser kudus and many others.


Buffalo Springs national park is ranked as the best birding species because it is a home to over 390 bird species, which are always available in the park hence giving a chance to individuals to sight see avariety of them. In addition, these notable birds include; Ashy cisticola, Acacia tit, Somali ostrich that is considered larger than the common ostrich, which is also characterized with distinctive indigo legs and blue neck, African swifts, cobalt blue, breasted vulturine guinea fowls. More so, exploring around this game reserve tourists are able to see other birds which include; African pal swift, Bare-eyed thrush, black-capped social weaver, Ashy cisticola, black bellied sunbird, black-capped social weaver, brown tailed rock chat, bristle-crowned starling, brown tailed rock chat, chestnut-headed sparrow lark, chestnut weaver, Egyptian vulture, Donaldson-smith’s sparrow-weaver, Fischer’s starling, golden pipit, greater kestrel, golden breasted starling, grey wren-warbler, hunters sunbird, marquee sunbird, lanner falcon, Northern Brownbul, pink-breasted lark, palm-nut vulture, pygmy Batis, red-necked falcon, red-bellied parrot, pygmy Batis, red-winged lark, Reicenow’s seedeater, Rufous chatterer, rosy-patched bush-shrike, secretary bird, Somali bee-eater, Singing bush lark, spotted palm-thrush, Von der Decken’s hornbill, white-headed mouse bird, Vulturine Guinea fowl, yellow-vented Eremomela among others.

Ewaso Nyiro River.

Tourist Attractions In Buffalo Springs National Park
Ewaso Nyiro River

Ewaso Nyiro River is one of the most exciting spot to view many wildlife species and birds. In addition, name of this river “Ewaso” which was a Samburu language, which means the river of brown water or muddy water. More so, this river is known as the biggest and permanent water source, which is found in the Northern Kenya.  Ewaso Nyiro river is surrounded with thick acacia, riverside grasses, doum palm forest which is found along the banks hence making it a good natural habitat to many animals such as; crocodiles, buffalos, hippos, impalas among others and birds like; saddle-billed storks among others.

Buffalo Springs.

Buffalo springs national park is famously known to be the top tourist attractions in the park which is a source of where the park derived its name and it consists of three springs. In addition, the unique thing about the two springs are walled whereby the third spring breaks into the plain forming a small marshy waterhole, which flows, into Ewaso Nyiro River. More so, the buffalo springs is a home to many crocodiles and other predators such as; lions, wild dogs, cheetahs, leopards and many others.  and one of the walled springs was known as the best place for swimming activities where tourists can go to swim at any time to cool off their hot long day whereby the other springs act as a the main water source to the Archer’s post and many others.

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