Top Three National Parks In Uganda : Uganda is one of the best African countries to have a safari in with massive kinds of vegetation’s that will explode your expectations in the country.

Some of the most thrilling areas to sight in the pearl of Africa are the national parks and in this article we bring to you top three of the most famous national parks in Uganda and their safari activities

The Uganda national parks in Uganda are the greatest destinations for exploration and adventures due to the beauty that is beheld within them.

Getting to have some of the unforgettable moments in Uganda one has to take an adventure in the Uganda national parks that are set up by the government of Uganda to ensure safety for the wildlife in Uganda.

Uganda is a country that is blessed with various kind of wildlife and among these are the precious endangered mountain gorillas which are reserved in some of Uganda’s most favoured national parks in the entire areas.

Getting to have a Uganda safari in these areas will get you the acknowledgement that Uganda is not only the pearl of Africa but a home of marvels as well.

When it comes to the fascinations in the national parks one should be expectant to sight most of Uganda’s and Africa’s big fives in the national parks and these include: lions, buffalos, elephants, rhinos, mountain gorillas and so very.

When it gets to bird lovers there are various kinds of birds in the national parks with inclusive of the most sought for bird the shoe bill and several other birds like the one and only Uganda’s crested crane.

With Achieve global safaris tour operators get the great chances to explore the beauty in the national parks, through the help of the tour company be in position to attain permits from the Uganda wildlife authority to a void stress of preparation and so on.

Top national parks in Uganda

Queen Elizabeth national park: this is famously known the endangered tree climbing lions well located in the western Uganda, Queen Elizabeth national park is the largest national park in Uganda with numerous attractions aside from the tree climbing lions and a visit to the area will explode you throughout the adventure.

Queen Elizabeth national park has over 612 kinds of birds for your fascination and the 4 kinds of the big fives which include the lions, elephants, leopards and buffalos and all these top to the adventures.

Queen Elizabeth is well known for lion tracking and this is most done activity in this area hence for the activity Achieve global safaris is ready to take you through this thrilling activity.

Murchison falls national park: As of the fact that each and every one would love to have the most excellent kind of venture in the areas they visit in therefore Murchison falls national park is the excellent area for the best kind of adventure in Uganda.

Murchison falls national park is situated in the North West ends of Uganda blessed with diverse features in it and exceptional landscapes offering the best kind of adventures.

There are several kinds of safari activities that can be done in the area these will truly give exciting moments on a Uganda safari with some of these activities including: game drives and boat cruise hot air balloon activities

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park: now this is yet another exceptional national park in Uganda Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Uganda, home to endangered mountain gorillas and as well popular for golden monkey tracking.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is lying in the South-Western corner of Uganda near the border between Uganda, Rwanda and Congo being the best areas to have a day spent with the most believed mammals on earth; this will give the most electrifying moments of adventures in Uganda.

These are the three most visited national parks in Uganda that will make you not to forget your stay in the pearl of Africa at any cost for the parks provide the greatest kind of adventures

With Achieve Global safaris you can attain all the kinds of safari activities that are a carried out in the parks for your own amusement as a sightseer in Uganda.