Top Things to Do in Virunga National Park  : Virunga National Park is the main safari destination that boosts with variety of amazing attractions and activities to do by the tourists. However, the park is a home to biodiversity of mammals, birds, reptile and amphibian as well as a great location to see the world’s great mountain gorillas. Virunga National Park lies on the eastern edge of Congo Basin and famously know as world’s second largest tropical rainforest. Despite being a World heritage site, has also become known as the park of fire and ice for its diverse habitants ranging from the Rwenzori peaks to savannah and volcanic plains.

Here are the top amazing things to do in Virunga National Park as explained below;

Gorilla trekking is the key major activity in Democratic Republic of Congo and Virunga National Park is one of the four national park with the surviving mountain gorilla population. The park has eight gorilla groups which includes Rugendo, Mapuwa, Lulengo among others. Fact, gorilla trekking is an exciting activity that starts in the morning with a short briefing about dos and don’ts of gorillas. After briefing, you will be grouped into a group of 8 persons per assigned gorilla family. The trekking activity can take an average time range of about 30 to 6 hours depending on the location of the group. Once you locate them one hour is given to you to observe them as they play around, feed as well as video capturing and photo taking.

Hiking Adventure –Nyiragongo Volcano

The Nyiragongo Volcano lies in the Eastern side of the country and overlooks. However, Nyiragongo Volcano ranks one of the 8 Volcanoes within the Virunga Conservation region and other volcanoes includes Mount Karisimbi, Mount Muhabura, Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Mikeno, Mount Gahinga and Nyamuragira. Furthermore. Nyiragongo Volcanoes rises at 3470 meters that offers a medium hike to the top of the Volcano estimating 5 to 6 hours. It is one of the world’s largest active volcanoes and its lave lake is very intriguing and rewarding. Ideally Mount Nyiragongo hike tour were officially opened to tourism in 2014. The hiking adventure is worthwhile. Note, a traveler can do combined gorilla trekking and hiking Nyiragongo Volcano.

Top Things to Do in Virunga National Park 
Mount Nyiragongo Hike

Nature walks

The park hosts with dense vegetation that contains several trails that leads to different directions and sites within the Virunga National Park which promotes rewarding nature walks and along the experience you will be able to sightsee species such as; buffaloes, duikers in the forest, elephant, monkeys among others.

Birding tour

Virunga National Park is a truly Congo birding destination which can be viewed on foot while walking in interesting forest trails and expect to see bird species like African goshawk, Olive sunbird, Narrow-tailed starling, Rwenzori turaco, Black bishop, Rwenzori batis, Red-throated alethe, Double –toothed Barbet, Black billed, White-headed wood hoopoe among others.

Where to stay on safari

Virunga National Park boosts with all of perfect safari accommodation ranging from luxury, Mid-range and budget lodges that suites with good amenities and easy accessibility including; Kibumba Tented Camp, Bukima Tented Camp, Mikeno lodge and Lulimbi tented camp, Tchegera Island Camp among others.

Best Time to Visit Virunga National Park

The best time to travel to Democratic Republic of Congo on safari to Virunga National Park is all year around but the best time to visit the park’s activities is during the months of July to September and December to February.