Top Things To Do in Maasai Mara National Reserve : Maasai Mara national reserve is one of the most popular safari destination on the continent, the park provides travelers with an authentic African holiday experience. Kenya’s Masai Mara is home to Africa’s famous Big Five species and other abundance of wildlife to see include; wildebeest, gazelle, antelopes, Ostrich, cheetah, zebras, hyena many more.

Below are the various things to do or activities that are encountered by visitors on a visit to Masai Mara.

Experience Maasai Mara –Game Drives

Maasai Mara the top visited Kenyan safari destination offers two sessions when it comes to game drives, a night drive or a day game drive. You can explore the park full day while on game drive here or half day game drive with expert Maasai guides who will help you to discover the wonders of the Mara. Then the night game drive only take place in the conservancy for example Mara Naboisho Conservancy. On your trip to Mara will have a chance to adventure a number of lions, elephants, cape buffaloes, rhinoceros as well as hippos, hyenas, giraffes, Nile crocodiles, zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, antelopes among others to be explored during your visit.

Guided Walking Safari

Maasai Mara guided walking safari is one of the most thrilling experience where you get to discover the hidden treasures of the park which cannot be sighted while on safari vehicle. Along your walking safari here, you will be guided by masai mara national reserve guides who leds you to stunning footsteps of ancient explorers and local Maasai guides keepers, who take care of this pristine wilderness area on a once-in a lifetime guided walking safari. As you walk along the footstep, you will learn about game tracking as well as looking out those unusual bugs and wildlife rarely adventured from a car. Walking safaris cannot be done in the reserve but can be arranged in Naboisho Conservancy.

Cultural Tour/Visit The Maasai People

This is a tantalizing experience where you can participate in different cultural activities and learn more about the Maasa’s beliefs and the challenges they face due to survival of their way of life. On your safari, you have a chance to visit our local structures Capacity Building Centers Koiyaki Guiding School, the health center, education and water programs in Talek Town and the Basecamp Masai Brand ‘’BMB’’ it’s a handicraft workshop started by the local women to make traditional jewelry and leatherwork for sale in our curio shop.

Experience Bird Watching

Apart from watching abundance of wildlife in the reserve, you can also have excellent birding opportunity since the park estimates over 570 bird species recorded with in the park, such as White-Tipped crest, Red-Winged Schawlow’s Turaco, Ross Turaco, Orange Buff Pel’s Fishing Owl, Wary Guinea Fowl, Secretary birds among others.

Top Things To Do in Maasai Mara National Reserve
Experience Bird Watching in Maasai Mara

Adventuring of the Great Wildebeest Migration

This have been recorded worldwide as the most amazing safari event on the planet .When you tend to visit the park in the month of July –October this experience is  more rewardable here, as you watch millions of migrating wildebeest tentatively steps towards the edge of the Mara River crossing from Serengeti national park –Tanzania to Nile crocodiles-infested Mara River that forms an international border between Kenya and Tanzania in search of better water and grass resource .During your experience ,you will feel  the hope as it braves into the croc-infested waters into Kenya ,quite an exciting adventure. Keep your camera ready to capture photos as many as you wish, watch as the first wildebeest steps in, followed by herds of other wildebeest and zebras. The vent for Great Wildebeest Migration is truly a privileged experience.

Experience the thrill of Mobile Camping

Travelers who consider camping as one of their favorite experience on visit, along your visits you will set up a camp at the Naboisho Conservancy can be an interesting experience to sleep in midst of the wilderness surrounded by the sounds of the wild animals. You can decide to spend one or more nights depending on numbery of days on Mara safari. You will have Maasai guides –guards to make your stay comfortable and safe as possible.

Experience an African Sundowner

This is a unique experience encountered on your safari activities and wildlife viewing, the best way to round it off with a Basecamp sundowner in the bush. The best activity to watch the sun goes dip below the horizon with a gainful and sounds of Africa all to yourselves while sipping on a refreshing glass of drink enjoyed under an acacia tree.

Experience the Mara plains on a Balloon Safari

This activity is quite an exciting, starts early morning with your breakfast in the bush as they prepare for the balloon for your magnificent aerial view. You will board the balloon and have a great rewardable view of the Masai Mara plains and more glide over the sprawling Mara plains, observe the flora and fauna from an enchanting balloon ride. This activity can last an hour and within that hour it gives you an opportunity to be adventured by the abundant wildlife experience. After a flight of the hot air balloon, you will savour a champagne breakfast, come along with a leisurely drive back to camp.