Top Thing to Do and See in Kidepo Valley National Park-Uganda Safari-Pearl of Africa

Top Thing to Do and See in Kidepo Valley National Park : Kidepo valley national park is a true African untouched, remote, unvisited and unspoiled wilderness. The park makes one’s dream to come true, currently it was mentioned on world’s new ‘’CNN’’ that its Africa’s hidden gem and there is no other park it in all of Africa. Kidepo valley national park has ultimate rugged scenery, list of wildlife, Karamojong warrior herdsmen and the IK people on remote Mount Morungole all these marks a place worth a visit.

Kidepo valley national park can be easily accessed by the flight that seems very expensive. One can opt to drive for 12 hours which takes a lot of time distance from Kampala. Road journeys looks to be long but scenic and most scenic route is from Sipi Falls to Kidepo parks that breaks up the journeys and driving through karamoja is quite impressive.

Top Thing to Do and See in Kidepo Valley National Park
Top Thing to Do and See in Kidepo Valley National Park

The park has a thrilling scenery a breath take way for diversity of wild animals .It’s so amazing kidepo to hosts a abundance of wildlife which are best explored during the dry season of the year such as abundance in lions ,elephants ,herds of buffalos can be seen roaming around the park ,Giraffe ,leopards ,cheetahs ,wild dogs ,striped hyenas ,Ostriches pangolins ,the bat eared fox ,aardwolf ,caracal ,hunting dog ,antelopes like bush duskier ,Defassa waterbuck,Bohor reedbuck ,Jackson’s hartebeest and Oribis.

Kidepo valley national park also offers a checklist of bird species including many raptors that makes one of the best birding destination in Uganda. This remote safari destination is just beyond ever expected.

Things to do and see in Kidepo Valley National Park as listed below;

Game drives

Kidepo Valley national park game drives is the best experience ever where you can explore the wild of Africa with few number in the park. This remote park allows you to view the best of African animals while on game drive such as variety of lions, herd of elephants, buffaloes, Ostriches, hyenas and leopards can be easily seen in the morning hours meaning morning session is the best rewarding time for game drive. Other sessions evening and night game drive.

Nature-Bush walks –Hikes

Kidepo Valley national park stuns with great places you wouldn’t miss on your visit for nature and bush walks. There is nothing so impressive to adventure African wild on foot and there are no gainful places to do so than doing it at Kidepo Valley national park.

There are also other places outside the park where you can go for hiking ,all day hike up to Morungole mountains a home for the IK people ,one of the ethnic groups in Uganda  and a visit made to these you will leave with quite unforgettable experience .Other places you can hike or climb includes Idi Amin’s dream lodge was never completed while he was president of Uganda .May be it will be completed in the future as a number of visitors continue to visit the park .Nature walks is done by the Uganda wildlife Authority rangers where you can wonder a lot about in this remote park.

Birding –Kidepo

The park is a perfect place for birders with over 470 species recorded in this remote kidepo. There are also notable birds of the prey of 56 species recorded such as Verreaux’s Eagle, Egyptian vulture and Pygmy Falcon among others. Kidepo valley national park its where you can find the common Ostrich which is undoubtedly seen elsewhere on Uganda safari. And the number of Ostriches are increasing in the park marking it to be hoven for birders.

Top Thing to Do and See in Kidepo Valley National Park
Birding in Kidepo Valley National Park

A visit to the IK people

This is absolutely an interesting activity that involves in hiking up to the mountain and you need to start hiking early morning to access the Morungole mountain for a visit with the IK people, people who originated here for centuries. Today they mark a number of around 10,000. Currently, there was first University student from the IK community who enrolled at Kampala International University and she did well.

A visit to Karamojong Village ‘’Manyatta’’

A visit to Karamojong village you will excited with their interesting manyatta and people of here are warrior Nomads and are often been called the wild west of Uganda. They are pride to cattle and in the past cattle raids were the rule of the day.

In recent years’ things have been calmed down and the Karamojong were disarmed and have become a lot more passive in nature. Cattle is still the main activity and the subsistence farming has become a lot more common.

This region is a semi-arid which makes people to walk miles to find water.

Cultural visit is the best interesting activity here giving you insights into Authentic Africa as well as the Karamojong people who live around who are related to massai. This region requires more support from the government and aid agencies have become supportive group in recent years.

Wildlife Experiential Safari in Kidepo

Top Thing to Do and See in Kidepo Valley National Park is not just another safari park in Africa but an experience of the true African wilderness, Tourists who have visited the park for the past few years have been amazed for making their dream come to past while they took a safari here. We Achieve global safaris we would love to make a safari that is just right for you.

The park is untouched and remote area making an ideal destination for safari. On your visit to Kidepo valley national park you can adjust to other parks such as Murchison Falls national park, Ziwa Rhino sanctuary, Sipi Falls, Mount Elgon and a visit to Nile in Jinja which is famous for its water rafting. Enjoy your safari to unvisited Kidepo valley national park a place in Africa with wildlife without crowds.

Top Thing to Do and See in Kidepo Valley National Park
Top Thing to Do and See in Kidepo Valley National Park

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Kidepo valley national park is all year visited wildlife park in Uganda, though few come here that to discover about their safari experience in this remote area. It’s now rare in Africa to experience the vast area as it was in the last 50 years ago, kidepo Valley National park sits in northeastern Uganda. Time is Now to start your trip!