Top places to see lions in Uganda : Uganda is a rich blessed country, which is known to be among the few countries that are left with large numbers of lion species. African lions are famously known to be among the big five animals which are found within the country therefore acting as one of the main attractions which attract large numbers of tourists to visit the country hence contributing a lot to the development of the tourism industry within the country.

African lion species are known as the largest carnivorous animals in Africa and they are one of the interesting species that one could sight see while during your safari in Uganda. More so these lions are commonly referred to as “The King of The Jungle” because they are characterized as royal, brave and strong animal species compared to all other animals within the park.  African lions are noticed to be social among themselves whereby they stay together in prides in a group of 15 individuals and these groups are made up of related females and their cubs, which happen to be born at the same time, and raised together. More so, these new mothers always live in their dens with their cubs for the first two weeks and later they are moved one by one into a new den every after few days with an aim of avoiding the building up scent that creates high chances of attracting other predators. However, it is noted that the new male who take over the pride always kills all the other cubs and mates with each of the females.

African lions in Uganda are among the few big cats, which are situated in different places. A grown male lion weighs between 150-250 kilograms while a female lion weighs between 120 to 182 kilograms and it is the female lions that usually do the hunting however, after the hunting, the male lions take about 7 kilograms of the meat on a daily basis as the females only need about only 5 kilograms. During the hunting, these lions usually co-operate together which helps them to pursue large numbers of species such as; smaller antelopes, giraffes, and buffaloes.

Top places where to see lions in Uganda.

Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is known as the second largest national park in Uganda and it is famously known and most visited because of its tree-climbing lions, which are easily spotted within the Ishasha sector in the park. This national park is known to be a home to over 250 lions, which are located within the southern and the northern sector, which makes it to be ranked among the best destinations in Uganda where one could visit in order to get high chances of encountering with the lion species. Tourists within Queen Elizabeth national park can best spot these species when they engage in game drive activities whereby a park guide who leads to places accompanies them. The famous tree-climbing lions are usually seen resting on the branches of the big trees as they watch where there preys are located hence setting good targets and the perfect time to paunch on them. In addition, the best time to go for game drives in order to see many tree-climbing lions always begin at 8:00am in the morning.

Top places to see lions in Uganda
Tree Climbing Lions

Murchison falls national park.

Murchison falls national park is known as the largest national park in the country and lions within this park are always found in the Northern sector which is surrounded with savannah grasslands that provide a beautiful backdrop as they act as the natural habitats of the species. The Uganda Wildlife Authority works together with WCS with an aim of conserving and protecting the lion species in their natural habitats and also add on to monitor the lion population hence research shows that there is an increase in the lion population compared to the census that was carried out in 2009.

Kidepo Valley National park.

In December 2015, the CNN named kidepo valley national park as one of the best destinations in the world where individuals can get great opportunities of sightseeing large numbers of the African lions. These lion species are usually spotted relaxing on the random rocks, which are found within Kidepo valley national park. This national park is located in the North Eastern corner part of Uganda and it is a perfect destination for tourists to visit when looking for sense of solitude and it is a home to over 132 lion species, which roam within the park.

Big Threats to the Lion population in Uganda.

  • People in the neighbouring communities hunt and kill these species due to the fact they are seen as dangerous predators that may lead to harm.
  • More so, pastoralists in the neighborhood tend to poach the lions with an aim of protecting their cattle and their human population.

Therefore, tourists planning to travel to Uganda with big interests of seeing the African lions can only visit places like; Kidepo national park, Queen Elizabeth National park and Murchison falls national park where they get chances to see the magnificent “kings of the jungle” which make your safari worth it and tourists get to learn about lion’s behaviours and characters.

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