Things to know about game drives: Game drives are the most popular and ancient safari activities done in the wild. In Fact, there was a season in tourism where the only activity that could be done on a safari was a game drive. But times have evolved and new activities have been discovered. That can be done in the wild.

However, to keep it traditional and in the spirit of staying ancient in this article, we focus on the game drives, breaking down some things we feel you should know about game drives.

Game drives allow you to see numerous savannah animals that include but are not limited to the big five lions, buffaloes, leopards, elephants, and rhinos. Other animals Topis, Kobs, impala, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, and many more animals.

On game drives, you also enjoy bird views and amazing flora as well.

Game drives are done in Savannah game parks that have majorly land mammals and a few water mammals.

These savannah parks are spread all over Africa and East Africa they include but are not limited to Kidepo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, lake Mburo National Park and many others in Uganda, Akagera National Park in Rwanda, Serengeti national Park and many more in Tanzania, Maasai mara national park, mt kenya national park, Tsavo national park, lake Nakuru national park, Amboseli national park and others all in Kenya.

These parks are open all year and receive visitors for game drives all year round.

All game parks are unique and some have more outstanding features and animals compared to others. An example is the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara and Serengeti national parks, the kobs and elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park, the elephants in Amboseli, kidepo’s semi-arid flora and diversity in animals among other things.

In all the mentioned parks, game drives are done either in the morning afternoon, mid-morning, or evening; sometimes the game drives are done all through the day depending on the preference of the tourists.

Game drives are called game drives because they are done on a tourist car that takes you around the game park in a drive as you make stops to see the different animals in the game parks.

Things to know about game drives
Game drive in Amboseli-national park

Game drives can be done by anybody, just a number of rules have to be followed. These include not getting out of your car, not walking around in the game driving aimlessly, and not attempting to harm or do anything to the animals among others.

Game drives are booked days or weeks in advance and they are usually booked through the Wildlife Authority or the game parks themselves. It’s best however to enlist the help of a tour operator who can help you arrange this.

For game drives, you will need a tour guide who also doubles as your driver. So plan for this ahead of time.

That said there are also self-dive game drives. If you are sure, you are well versed with the wild and the rules that govern a given park. You also have a self-drive game drive in the wild.

You have to plan to rent a safari car though from a tour operator or a related service provider.

These are just a few things about game drives but there are a lot more things to know and learn about game drives so you can consult your tour operator for more details ahead of your game drive experience.