The Speke Monument commemorates John Hanning Speke, an early white explorer who discovered River Nile. In the year 1856, John Hanning Speke and his partner, Burton embarked on a journey to East Africa in quest of the Great Lakes, that were claimed to lie in the middle of the African continent. You can visit this Uganda safari attraction on your way to Jinja.

Speke Monument

They believed that the travel would help find the exact source of the river Nile. Speke and Burton had also heard of another lake to around the east and it wasn’t long before they decided to search for it while embarking on their way journey back to the coast. Without Burton, Speke embarked on a 48 day expedition measured to be about 463 miles that saw him reach become the first European to discover Lake Victoria and River Nile and draw them on a map.

The Speke monument sits in Jinja at a village called Bukaya, adjacent to Source of the Nile Gardens with a river in between. The Source of the Nile and Speke Monument are both situated on the west shores of the river Nile and not actually in Jinja Side. This is before you even cross the main bridge that goes to Jinja town. The scenery is quite awesome and offers a panoramic view of Lake Victoria and the great River Nile.

Speke Monument

There are very many monkeys and birds at the scene, a cool restaurant and of course the beautiful view of River Nile. Activities like boat rides are also available at the place at a very affordable price irrespective of your nationality.

Want to visit the Speke Monument in Jinja? Book a Uganda safari with us today and we shall include the destination in your itinerary. Please also note that there are very exciting activities in Jinja, besides the Speke Monument, you can also think of going to Bujagali Falls for Bungee Jumping.