The Second Longest River In Uganda : River Kafu is located is the western region of Uganda and it crosses through different districts which include; Luwero, Nakasongola, Nakaseke, Hoima and Masindi. This river is ranked as the second longest river in the country, which is about 180 kilometers long, and it has its main source as Kitoma swamp, which is situated just approximately in a distance of about 12 kilometers from the northeast of kitoma village. River Kafu also flows into the Victoria Nile, which is around Masindi port, which is found in Masindi district. More so, this river is dominated by the papyrus swamps and it is being surrounded with dense bush thickets.

River Kafu is considered to be among the tourist destinations within the country due to the fact that there are several attractions to see while touring around the river for example; this river is a home to many wildlife species that tourists can spot and some of these species include; the East African Sitatunga, East African Bohor Reedbuck, Nile Bushbucks, East African Bush Duiker, Uganda Defesa waterbuck, Leopards, Bush pig, Common Oribi, Uganda Kob, sitatunga, Oribis and many others which also make to be a perfect adventourous destination.

The Second Longest River In Uganda
Uganda Defesa waterbuck

River Kafu stands at an elevated area, which is approximately 1100 meters above the sea level whereby its mouth stands at an elevation of about 1040 meters above the sea level. This river is well characterized by its wide range of fauna and flora and it is has two tributaries such as; River Lugogo and River Mayanja which both flow through the vast permanent papyrus swamps.

Best Time to visit in River Kafu.
Tourists are encouraged to note that the best time to visit Kafu River is during the dry season which is between months of July to October and from mid- December to February when there are less rainfalls received which gives individuals to sail along the river however, still people can still choose to visit at any time throughout the year.

Bird Life in River Kafu.
For bird lovers exploring around River Kafu while on their Uganda safari blesses individuals chances to sight see many different kinds of bird species most especially while sailing on the river, they are always able to capture classic views of birds while they fly from the flora alongside the river. Therefore, some of these birds to see include; crested crane, rare shoebill stork, green pitta, the great blue turaco, Shelley’s crimsoning, fan-tailed grass bird, regal sunbird, Rwenzori turaco among others. Therefore, this river is considered as a birders paradise due to the fact that it has a total population of over 420 bird species.

Activities to do while on a visit to River Kafu.
There are several activities that tourists can choose to participate in so many interesting activities during their free time as they create remarkable memories, get good experiences, and enjoy the excellent adventure while in the country. In addition, some of these activities include;

Gorilla Trekking; Gorilla trekking experience in Uganda is one of the top exciting adventurous activities which always involves tourists to hike and walk through the park areas with the main aim of tracking where the endangered mountain gorilla species are located. In addition, tourists are encouraged to always apply in some tricks in order to easily track these mountain gorillas’ families such as; following the path with footprints, areas that have left over food droppings, broken tree branches among others, and the park rangers and guides who are well familiar with areas of the park always lead tourists.

More so, it is always a golden pleasure to spend with the mountain gorillas due to the fact that people get to learn more about characters of these species such as; observe how they eat and feed their young ones, watch how they play and sleep and many others. however, there are some of the rules that tourist are supposed to follow while trekking and some of these include; to avoid maintaining direct contact with the mountain gorillas especially the gorilla silver back, avoid eating and drinking while in the presence of the gorillas and many others.

Water Rafting; river Kafu is one of the most famous rivers in the country where adventure is done. Therefore, while visiting this river tourists can opt to carryout water rafting which gives you chances to enjoy and capture classic views of the beautiful nature within the surrounding.

Game Viewing; individuals while on River Kafu will also get chances to over look at some many wildlife species.

And apart from the above mentioned activities, individuals can also go for interesting activities such as; bird watching; guided nature walks, community visits and cultural encounters and so many others.

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