Nkokonjeru tombs holds the respective tombs of the last two Kings (Omugabes) of the Ankole Kingdom. These include Omugabe Kahaya II who was laid to rest in 1944 and Omugabe Rutahaba Gasyonga II who was laid to rest in 1982 after a twenty-three year reign in the Kingdom. Outside the tombs are several graves of royals. It is a great place for Uganda travel holidays.

Nkokonjeru Tombs

Nkokonjeru tombs holds a kind of a foreign structure house plus 2 other solid slabs. These tombs hold great significant value in the history of the Ankole people (Banyankole) but unfortunately the kingdom could have lost control over the land. Months ago, it was claimed that the land could have been secretly sold off to private developers as the Kingdom officials didn’t have a clear answer for the abandoned site.

Nkokonjeru tombs looks like it has been neglected for decades with several marked plots of land next to to the graves of the Kingdom royals and a small percentage of residents nearing the graveyard. Residents claim Nkokonjeru Tombs is no more because most of the land surrounding it has either been sold off or grabbed by residents.

Nkokonjeru Tombs

Located in a place called Kakiika found in Mbarara district, Nkokonjeru tombs are still in existence and still holds a lot of cultural value. The only worry is how longer it will exist since anytime the tombs could be no more unless the Ankole Kingdom representatives take a momentum towards it.

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