The Canon on the Muzinga Square Park is one of the symbols that represent Entebbe but it goes beyond that. It also features as a recreational park as well as a symbol of a milestone within the center of Entebbe town. ‘Muzinga’ is a local word that stands for ‘Canon’ in English.

Muzinga Square Park

Muzinga Square Park’s calculated location close to the State House of the country gives credence to the it’s significance. Like said earlier on, there’s a lot of history attached to this monument. As claimed by historic and tourist information, the Muzinga Square Park monument is definitely one of the most historical tourist attraction in Entebbe.

Situated opposite the Entebbe Municipal Council building, the Muzinga Square Park monument is claimed to have been left behind by Tanzanian troops during their uprising on former president, Idi Amin Dada. After ousting the President Amin, they wanted to blow up the Entebbe Municipal Council building but were discouraged by gunfire from the Ugandan troops who were on the verge of being defeated and abandoned the plan. They didn’t only end with abandoning the plan but they also abandoned their cannon on the spot and it stands to date. This canon is what makes the Muzinga Square Park. It has been revolved into a tourist attraction, with statutes of 2 soldiers constructed next to it as a way of commemorating the occurrences of that day.

Muzinga Square Park

Just next to the cannon and statutes is a park with several chairs where tourists can sit and enjoy the scenery. The park is always accessible by the public at almost every hour of the day and its scenery provides a great space for relaxation while enjoying the panoramic views of Entebbe town.

The fact that Muzinga Square Park is located in the same town with the Airport (not so far away from it) makes it easy for foreign tourists to access it. Book a Uganda Safari with us today and get a chance to view to historic Muzinga Square Park monument that commemorates the victory of Tanzanian troops over the dictatorship government of President Idi Amin Dada.