The Katereke Prison ditch is claimed to have been dug by former king of Buganda, Kabaka Kalema in the late 19th Century. It is a unique structure from a deranged and savagery time in the history of Buganda Kingdom. This ditch that circles an area of about 70 meter in diameter today features as an attraction and attracts a good number of tourists. The Katereke Prison ditch has turned into stunning earth works close to ten meters from up to it’s bottom. This Uganda safari attraction has a lot of rich history to share.

Katereke Prison

It was during the year 1888 that Buganda Kingdom was in a political confusion. Strange people claimed to be Muslims had removed Kabaka Mwanga from the throne who was succeeded by Kabaka Kiwewa though his reign was short-lived. After Kabaka Kiwewa, Kabaka Kalema was enthroned.

However, Kabaka Kalema wasn’t so comfortable with his rule and was greatly threatened by his siblings (brothers and sisters) who in turn became his political rivals. It wasn’t long before he ordered his clan chiefs to construct a prison and imprisoned all his siblings (princes and princesses). This prison is the current Katereke Prison ditch.

Despite the horrible action taken by Kabaka Kalema, he still felt threatened even after imprisoning his so claimed rivals. This pushed him further to take away the lives of the prisoners (30 of his brothers and sisters) by sending another order to have them slaughtered.

This built fear in the Kingdom especially among his subjects who feared their lives would be taken next. After a year, Kabaka Mwanga returned to the throne and exiled Kabaka Kalema who passed away months after. It’s claimed other royal prisoners were also starved in the prison ditch during the savagery time of Kabaka Kalema’s reign. The Katereke Prison ditch isn’t so deep, but it’s an amazing site that is rich in culture.

The Katereke prison ditch is 30 minutes away from Kampala past by road. It’s situated in Buddo, Masaka road in a place called Nsangi. The Katereke prison ditch is one kilometer away from Nsangi trading center. Some of the activities available in Katereke prison ditch are: traditional music and dances (on request). Book a Uganda Safari with us today and we take you back in the history where the Earth spoke of betrayal and murder.