Zika Forest is located along Entebbe Road (approximately 25 kilometers from Kampala) and stands among the major attractions in the area. Zika Forest is not far away from the Airport implicating it’s very easy to visit especially for foreigners. Zika Forest is where the Zika Virus originated from. The Zika Virus is a virus that has since spread a lot of fear in the world. Zika was first observed in a monkey from Zika Forest and is claimed to have a link to microcephaly, a birth defect condition.

Zika Forest

Zika forest contains various bio diversity of swamps full of crocodiles, forest types and grasslands that extend to the famous Lake Victoria. Approximately 140 types of woody plants, 60 types of moths, 35 types of saturniid, snakes, leopards, monkeys and over 60 species of mosquitoes make up the biodiversity which makes Zika Forest one of the attractions you should visit on your Uganda safaris and tours.

Unlike other forests, Zika Forest is among the smallest recognized forests in Uganda. It has unique mature trees and is probably the best place to carry out a bird-watching activity from along Entebbe Road. Most bird-watchers have testified to having a great experience in the forest and so will most of the tourists.

Zika forest has it’s own virus research field station that is affiliated to UVRI (Uganda Virus Research Institute). Zika Forest has one of the highest research towers in the country, an approximately 40 meters high steel research tower which was relocated from Mpanga forest over 50 years ago with the funding and influence of the World Health Organization.

This steel research tower has since provided a great platform for Uganda Virus Research Institute to conduct detailed research and several ecological studies within the forest. This tower is also a great spot for travelers and tourists who intend to have a great view of the monkeys and birds in the Zika Forest.

This forest will definitely make you enjoy a great break or leave from the Entebbe and Kampala’s Urban life especially when you opt for a picnic in it. Zika is one of those attractions you shouldn’t miss visiting whilst on your Uganda tour. It’s nature slots it among the list of areas to visit if you are planning your safari to the pearl of Africa despite the fact that it’s not far away from Entebbe International airport, your main entourage to Uganda.

Besides the nature, history and wildlife, Zika forest also has a very sound educational importance especially to student study classifications not forgetting it’s ability to host breakthrough leisure travelers. It should also be noted that years ago, former POTUS J. Carter listed this forest among his must-visit places while embarking on a birding tour in Uganda.