Located far east of Uganda at Mount Elgon National Park in Kapchorwa, Uganda; Sipi Falls is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful falls in Uganda. The amazing waterfall is not a single waterfall but rather has three levels with the top 2 levels emerging as the most beautiful. Sipi Falls’ 100 meters main fall is the main attraction for tourists.

The Sipi River trails across cliffs & rocks that make the beautiful hills of Mountain Elgon, which creates along a array of water rapids, and a collection of 3 amazing beautiful waterfalls to form up the Sipi Falls. Besides the beautiful waterfall, the area within has an awesome view as well. The wide plains that keep disappearing down is one of the best views of the falls.

Sipi Falls

Successive to the main river flow from it’s top, the first of the waterfall falls suddenly 90 meters through a steep rock face to join main pool below. The firs waterfall is the second highest of the three waterfalls that compose Sipi Falls and consigns an explosive splash.

In the middle of this steep rock face is a trail that stretches behind the waterfall. This cliff might look frightening from down but upon getting on top of it, you realize it is safe. It is an amazing spot for exceptional views of Sipi falls not forgetting the unbroken view of the whole region surrounding Mountain Elgon and the wild frontier region of Karamoja.

Sipi Falls

Successive to the thrust, Sipi river trails via various areas and communities in the region. It flows over rocks and steep rock faces to structure several pools of water and water rapids at various spots. Preceding it’s 70 meters explosive burst over another big steep rock face, the river goes ahead to form the 2nd waterfall of the Sipi Falls in Uganda. Notably, this appears to be the most compact of the three waterfalls. Besides having an amazing splash, beautiful rainbows form near it’s main pool too to give it a good scenic view. This steep rock face also has a cave at the back of the waterfall, just a few meters elevated from the mail pool. It can be reached through a brief trek from it’s plinth.

This cave is the perfect place for loosening up at the back of the splashing water as you take delight of the cool breeze and the unbroken view of the beautiful plains along the surrounding region of Sipi Falls. Craving for a destination to Sipi falls Uganda? Want to be part of the amazing Sipi Uganda experience? Book any of our Sipi tours and we arrange for you a tour to see the beautiful falls.