The Kitagata hot springs is claimed to have miraculous healing power. Most residents plus a few other locales refer to it as ‘Ekitagata Kyamarembo’. This amazing hot springs has a very rich past, up to now people still move long trails to come and bath with naturally hot water and seek for healing from the god as well. The Kitagata hot springs is situated at a place called Kitagata, Sheema district. If you have extra days to spare on your Uganda safaris, you should consider visiting this hot spring.

Kitagata hot springs

The Kitagata hot springs are also known as the “Mulago Hot Spring” because residents claim it has local healing powers. The word “Mulago” is loosely translated as hospital. Consistently, very many residents with variant sicknesses crown to the hot springs to bathe in the naturally warm water that can warm up to eighty degrees Celsius (approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit). According to statistics, an estimate of about eight hundred people trek to the hot springs weekly. Kitagata hot springs’ aptness to treat almost all the skin diseases plus other inner diseases has since left the site an attraction in western Uganda.

Despite the fact that very many people bath in it irrespective of their health conditions, no case about spread of diseases from one patient to another has been recorded from the hot springs. The water at Kitagata hot springs is extremely hot especially the one on it’s furthest part that old residents always fetched to make a local millet drink referred to as ‘Obushera’. This local drink is one of the most traditional drinks in western Uganda, it is a brew of extremely hot water and millet flour.

The healing ability of Kitagata hot springs could be the minerals it contains. Kitagata hot springs contains several minerals that are used to manufacture medicine. These minerals include potassium chloride, lithium sulphate, calcium sulphate, sodium chloride, calcium phosphate and magnesium chloride plus many more.

Kitagata hot springs

Want to visit the Kitagata hot springs? book a Uganda safari with us today and we shall arrange for you a visit there. Whatever said about the hot springs is very true and you can witness it yourself, if you feel muscle-ache or have any skin complications we shall make sure you bathe from the hot springs and get relief while on your Uganda safari.